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still...cant remember anything that cis minor did good besides gambit in krakow and vega run
well...thats maybe a little push for underdogs but i see his point
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otton is one of the biggest potential in CS, at least he was in FPL. but for some reason any awper that comes to valiance underperform..impulse also was beast, they brought him and he started choking ...
Put 32 teams in a fucking one minor and let's see who will go through. Giving CIS and Asian teams opportunities for years yet they never take it.
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damn hunter, otton and espiranto can be such a deadly trio! can't wait to see them grow
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natalia kuchka
go jerk of on ninja
at least he is not numba najn plus one
mouz -styko +karrigan
Yes physical skill. Not mental.At least not that much.
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my man!
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if we are speaking overall than neo > gtr if we are speaking about global than gtr >>>>> neo so yeah
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i agree...and tbh for me even gtr is better than neo but im biased cuz im a big fanboy so i will not compare those two... but no doubt f0rest is GOAT...i think only s1mple has the skill to overthrow t...
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only nip got it year before?with who they played?bots?
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neo is shit last 2 years even 3 maybe and they were probably equal before that..and f0rest still owning yeah f0rest goat