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NiP 3-0
with the "player selected seed" Nip is 7th and Liquid 2nd, in that logic Rengades got Navi
NiP 3-0
nope round 2 is Liquid imo with this system, gonna be hard m8
gib pls
Dlore giveaway if astralis wins the major
i can do the same with a p250 sand dune
NIP fanbois
yeeeeeeeeeet (even if they gonna loose against furia :( )
Major First Day Predictions
got the same but with Furia > Nip even if i'm a big fan of nip
Asian dominance in IEM Katowice
It's true that i might understimate them, let's see what happen next. But imo Tyloo will loose next match
Asian dominance in IEM Katowice
Vici is a good team indeed, imo they can 3-1 or 3-2, but they'll be defeat on the "new legends stage". And for Tyloo i highly doubt they will even qualify for the rest, sorry
Asian dominance in IEM Katowice
nice b8 m8
Calling it
Tyloo always upset on the first game of the big event, secund game they're trash, and vici is actually a decent team. There is no surprise at all
Rate my beat x12
idk dude, i don't do type beat, but maybe find something more soft on the ears and change the note to be into the chord of the main line
Rate my beat x12
The main line is quiet good, but imo the extra sound that you've put on it doesn't fit (mainly the synth a 0.37). Maybe change the architecture of the beat too, do some longer phase instead of just ad...
NIP #14???? Wtf
Their last match was the 15 of December, that's normal to loose 8 place in the rankings
BIG last fix
ok didn't saw that, ty
BIG last fix
Smooya is going to Denial