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Best G2 roster of french players?
This would be a great team if Shox and NBK would be willing to play with each other
EnceLaughThread v2
Teams based in NA Rank
But still both play NA leagues, MIBR would play NA Minor if they do play that badly at a major. And the only tournament Renegades has played in that was Oceania was the Asia Minor because of the core ...
I like Butterfly and Talon but atm I love the Ursus Knife because of the animations
suNny potentially going to ENCE
Well aleksi and awp could work because Fallen is a good example of an IGL awp. And if xseven takes the awp I'm not sure who would play support, maybe aleksi would IGL and support.
suNny potentially going to ENCE
I don't see any reason for this move if the player going isn't allu because maybe he wants to have some time with his kid and xseven and aleksib can awp
ENCE suNny
Of course it would be great if he joined ENCE but still I don't know why they would change anyone now? The chemistry in the team is great and every player is great friends with each other so it seems ...
Who cares?
G2 truth
But still, they should've picked up ZyWoo when they could. Now in Vitality he's showing that G2 made a mistake for not picking him up. No matter the buyout they should've gotten him.
HR D0cC???
Yes that is true but still HR's chances of getting to the playoffs were always slim. But if woxic leaves I don't see why ISSAA wouldn't entertain offers from other teams. And the Hobbit move seemed li...
HR D0cC???
Yea it could work but c'mon, ISSAA is so sick so HR will do everything possible to keep him there. But still it isn't impossible he leaves
HR D0cC???
Even if he doesn't I'm pretty sure they'll try their best to keep him because if he doesn't they have to go through the Minor again
Ence Sunny confirmed?
Both are still young and I haven't watched Jamppi play that much because I'm not too interested in lower tier matches but by judging by his stats maybe yes. But I'm pretty sure ENCE won't make any cha...
Ence Sunny confirmed?
I'd say that if it ever comes to it that they want a change they probably try to get Otto from Valiance but he still has to grow so much if he wishes to play for a better team than Valiance
C9 5TH
FugLy or smooya sounds pretty plausible but still pretty skeptical about smooya's toxic personality