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Do u believe in GOD?
You're wrong.
why what ?
Cities in USA
2 years later :)) Been both places. Was much worse on Manhattan that it was in LA when I was there.
Putin is testing
Representative democracy then.
Post your city name and pic
Aarhus, Denmark http://tvanwaard.files.wordpress...
gym question
Yea agreed. Great video btw, explains stuff pretty good.
gym question
Yet it's something that has been claimed to be the truth for several decades. I remember my step dad told me about he was taught that high amounts of protein would result in the body aging faster and ...
I think it's much worse hoping somebody and their family die than it is cheating. Just a thought.
Indian Talking
dafuq is this?
New site for getting an image edited/finding images to edit
Awesome idea :)
gym question
It seems you are just misunderstanding what my actual claim is.
gym question
Yea sure. Don't take my comment as being suggestive. Merely a comment saying what this dude is claiming isn't really true.
gym question
You know, it's quite amusing really. If you understood what my actual claim was, it seems to me you already agree with it, by having to put examples of the opposite AND saying "it can only be obtainab...
gym question
Yet you are using different variables to back up your claim. Any way you put it, it is biologically possible to do so, which it kinda looked like you claimed it wasn't. And yes, I do know what I'm tal...
gym question
Alright, thanks :)