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I'm gonna learn C++
While he called unnecessary names, he's also completely right you know, stop embarassing yourself. HTML and CSS are not programming languages. Trying to anyhow argue otherwise is simply hilarious.
s1mple cheating his ass off
There's nothing even remotely resembling cheats of any kind in that clip...
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https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/gold-wheat-field-blue-sky-45560112.jpg this is why.
Ask a ukrainian about Ukraine
I really don't know. It's an incredibly complex problem. I keep hoping that their people will wake up somehow and maybe do their own revolution of dignity and then for once there will be a Russia of n...
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Hmmmm it's somewhere in-between I would say.
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One of the most prolific Polish national leaders in all of history. Suffice to say: had he been alive, the WW2 might have turned out to be a very, very different affair altogether.
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Lobanovsky :) But out of modern players... I don't know. I respected Luzhny very much. Bielik was a very promising young player once. Rebrov is a good manager and was a very good player and is much sm...
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Sheva was a great player. As a person he's, quite simply, dumb as a doornail. He's a completely incompetent manager (no wonder, that requires intelligence which he simply does not possess) and an unpl...
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Dunno, tourists = good for economy. I haven't seen or heard anything about turkish tourists being somehow different in particular.
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lots of 'em in Odessa.
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In a way. My city (Odessa) actual profits from it because we now get even more tourists in summer who have previously visited Crimea. For people who migrated out of Crimea from under russian occupatio...
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I don't think you are lost. It may still take many years and you may lag behind the world a bit, but eventually society will make progress past all of these retrograde tendencies. It's inevitable. Alt...