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RobbaN worst coach
Dude, I am over 30 and I played CS since it was in beta :) And I know full well who RobbaN is ;). Still doesn't change a word of what I said. Being an IGL doesn't make him a good leader, just a good s...
RobbaN worst coach
What bearing do you think that has on his performance as a coach? Just think about football, if you watch it: do all great players with great careers become as great coaches? Coaching requires a certa...
n0thing cheating?
There is nothing even remotely resembling cheats in those videos. Unlike the shitload of really dodgy stuff from SK.
NA'VI disband
that too, yes. Coaching rule was a game-changer for sure. But seized is not so bad as IGL. Their tactics and calls aren't bad, it's coordination and communication that are horrible. In other words - t...
NA'VI disband
He's already in that role and that is exactly what is killing Na'Vi's morale and team coordination.
Logitech G303 or Logitech G PRO?
well, DeathAdder is actually a good mouse. Razer is shit, yeah, but DA is their good product. So if you were very comfortable with it, can't see why you'd keep yourself away from modern versions. I...
Logitech G303 or Logitech G PRO?
depends on the grip, really. If it's palm then you need something really big, like Rival or G402 or maybe ZA11. Claw with that handsize will probably suit Deathadder or EC1-A or anything in the medium...
Logitech G303 or Logitech G PRO?
yep. I think it's because of the shape, it's sloped left-to-right so left side is much taller than the right one. When I flick my wrist to the right side I get pain. Started two hours after using it, ...
Logitech G303 or Logitech G PRO?
sorry, but this is nothing more than your subjective opinion. Click resistance on G Pro is known to vary from model to model. I also have all 3 and I don't feel any difference between G pro and G303 i...
Logitech G303 or Logitech G PRO?
for 19.3 cm these kind of mice for sure are not the way to go, that's a big hand.
Logitech G303 or Logitech G PRO?
g pro feels much smaller than g303 because of the shape. So, chances are, if ec2-a feels too big - g pro will feel about right. I also have all the three mice and my hand is even 0,5 cm shorter than y...
Dating pansy
Wait, are you telling me no raping will be involved?!
Well, to be fair, Palestine for jews was Hitler's idea.
Pansy nudes
Do you want to have nightmares to the end of your life?..
Kendrick > Drake