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The Witcher 3
Best combat is in The Witcher 1, just spam Igni sign and you win
The Witcher 3
It's free so it is worth it I guess
C9 750 pts G2 390 pts So it will be Faze, SK, C9, Mouz, G2, Liquid/Navi ( depends if Navi wins, they could get #4 if they win the tournament )
QBF on major
You're right, easy pick'em prediction for 0-3 after all
most overrated player ?
rain's just an inconsistent player. Either he plays godlike or he just disappears
I tier militaries
hitler was a bad tactician, he could maybe have held a few more years ( I think the USSR and the USA would have overwhelmed Germany because of their huge industry anyway ) if he had listened to his ge...
I tier militaries
Allies weren't expecting the blitzkrieg to be so efficient, and the french generals fucked up when they thought tanks wouldn't cross the Ardennes. Your army was trained for quick wars based on mechani...
G2 "Retouches"
There's a gap between DH Atlanta and EPL tho
The Nazi army
Stopped reading at "subhuman" ( hope you're b8ing, if not shame on you )
SK era > Fnatic, NiP era
Guess you're delusional as well I say they're best because matches are actually hard to predict, since the scene is competitive, which indeed leads to differents teams winning tournaments. It isn't th...
Problem of G2 ?
I also feel like they don't spend that much time checking other teams' demos. That's pretty much what allowed Na'Vi to win against them, because they knew what to expect from G2, while G2 didn't seem ...
SK era > Fnatic, NiP era
Sorry, but the most competitive year so far was 2016, lots of teams that could actually win tournaments ( 2015 was Fnatic, nV, and ... ? ), differents winners every tournament ... And 2017 seems to be...