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weed abusers come
weed abusers come
I am not saying that there're no weed smokers who just waste their lives baked. But used as a tool, weed can be beneficial. I kinda like Carl Sagan's essay on the topic. You can hardly call him someon...
CS:GO best raw aim players of all time
You have to include Rez in a list like this. His raw skill is insane.
Why are u fan of ...
To this day I am big fan of .PhP, because he was one of the best Source players in the history, while being hard-carry IGL from completely irrelevant region in the only team which was able to compete ...
NA being cocky
Well, not gonna argue about that.
NA being cocky
You kids will never be satisfied. When one team dominated, it was boring. When the scene is competitive across all regions, another whining.
Congratz guys, EG look great.
Best song ever made
I am willing to argue about Pompeii and Pulse. However, imho, Gilmour’s live performance is what transforms that musical masterpiece into something transcendental. Anyway, I agree to disagree at this ...
Yeah. I’m not saying that he’s the best NA player or something, but to call him trash? Cmon, he is the only NA Major/IGS winner.
Best song ever made
Pulse version of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.
:) Every single time NA CSGO was on the top of the world, Stewie was in the roster behind it. Think about it. ;) C9 Boston, TL run crowned by IGS. Quite a good resume for a trash player.
-stew when
Did he win a Major while I wasn’t looking?
-stew when
Tell me who from NA had more competitive successes than Stew?
-stew when
well, isn’t it weird that the most successful NA player in CSGO history is the worst player there?
EU so mad
Well, we have to care about the US, because it’s actually the only allied country in the west with nuclear capabilities in hands of, as Mattis, ex-defense secretary, put it, “Limited cognitive abiliti...