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Countries that you respect most?
"india for being the oldest culture in the world" ... but, they are not. I mean, there are at least a half dozen of cultures that predate Indus river civilizations. (Mainly in Syria, Iraq etc.)
FaZe return to No. 1 for the first time in four years
"bro s1mple b1t electronic in the same team" ... but for how long? That's the issue. Simple is in his prime, the best player no doubt about it. Electronic would be an absolute superstar in any other t...
FaZe return to No. 1 for the first time in four years
I don't think that NaVi will bounce back. The whole Ukraine shitstorm will, IMHO, have a really destructive effect on the NaVi project. I am not happy about it, because I have really liked the Simple-...
FaZe return to No. 1 for the first time in four years
Now, just transform this Faze into a constant contender. I remember that Faze was absolutely undefeatable back when "Boston Faze" was in its honeymoon but after a while, the scene adapted, and Faze wa...
20 years of HLTV.org
hltv.org ... The site that keeps the mid-2000s web design relevant.
10/10 games
Fallout 1 right at the exact time I played it for the first time. The game is ingenious in its presentation, immersion, and atmosphere. Maybe Fallout 2 was more polished, but Fallout 1 become 10/10 o...
Glave audacity
I don't think Glaive can gain anything from this kind of attitude, but let's be honest, he is in the position that all other young guns, captains, or "team speakers" should be like .... ok, dude, you ...
NAVI CEO: "We hope that we are going to keep [the CS:GO] roster and that the Russia-based players are going to relocate"
Politicizing? Politicizing would be if they requested players to change their beliefs, norms, or political affiliation. They are just not willing to send a couple of thousand euros every month to Russ...
5 replies/day & 10y ban
My account is 15 years old, no bans, etc. ... but, well I am 35 so I don't spend too much time here, because you know, reasons. But when I come once, twice a year, when there's a Major or some other b...
5 fav NHL players?
Jagr (a bit of bias ... but he is IMHO the Slav Lemieux. Not that flowery and more of a brute force and straightforwardness.) Hasek (Roy, Brodeur? ... Nah. He's Wayne of the net. And his Nagano perf...
Man, all good. I just felt a little bit upset when you accused me that I am talking shit about Oskar. He's a beast. I personally believe that when he is on top of his form (which is unfortunately no...
What? Back in 2007, he was just a 15 years old guy who was part of a couple of CZ/SK teams like Moops or FaB. Back then he wasn't able to carry his teams sometimes even against people like Dev1 and co...
I remember when I played Oskar for the first time on Lan. 15 years ago lmao ... when he was actually in talk of the best CZ/SK rifler in cs 1.6 ... how times have changed.
TV or 144hz?
100hz TV panel is a good compromise. I have a Sony 100hz OLED TV and a 144hz monitor as my secondary screen and it's great.
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