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sensitivity 2.6
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yeah, going there will really hurt me. keep going, you're quite amusing.
rotfl, you need to pull that huge ass stick out of your ass, you nitpicking nazi.
interesting aeq screen
interesting aeq screen
the white dots are probably some kind of esp hack. the smoke is just low quality, 32 bit(not 16 like someone said) and also the sky sprite is changed.
which will be the teams that are going to excel in 2011 ?
you're still bothered enough to reply, which makes it so not boring :D
How much time have you played Counter Strike 1.6 on steam?
June 17, 2006 1281.8 hrs
AK-47 or coult?
water gun is only super-effective against fire and rock type pokemans.
Config PC
some of us don't have that much money. if he only wants to play cs then why should he spent extra money for features he's not even gonna use.
Config PC
rotfl, why do you need 4 gigs for cs? the only thing that will prevent him from getting stable 100 is the gpu, and even gf 6600gt should take care of that problem.
The most stylish 2000/10
haha, epic picture. kuben looks to be about 30% of pasha but MAN HE'S TRYIN HARD.
sennheiser or steelseries?
you obviously didn't understand anything.
ati video card/drivers
10.9 are better than 10.10 10.10e hotfix are better than 10.9 and 10.11 but i'd say that input lag is caused by something else.
1.1A ? DeathAdder? 3.0?
it really doesn't but whatever. mice do not make you aim better.
1.1A ? DeathAdder? 3.0?
never said da was better than 1.1. BUT - pretty much anyone who actually had both 3.0 and 1.1 will tell you that they're very similar only have different shapes and as i consider deathadder to be b...
1.1A ? DeathAdder? 3.0?
DA - best quality out of the 3, very good tracking, definitely the sexiest, amazing wheel, fairly expensive 3.0 - mediocre quality of plastic, the wheel is not the best i've ever used, it's also no...