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olofmeister overrated
Mibr is underrated though
I see... I thoughtt it was a one time thing in 2017. Makes more sense now that astralis skips so many tournaments. Hope he gets better eventually :(
what does device have? Is it serious?
imo top 5 (in no particular order) is get_right, cold, olof, flusha and s1mple. dev1ce should be between 6 or 7.
Goat of cs: f0rest Goat of csgo: get_right Device not even top 5 in csgo history
Brazilian super team
I agree, but still think that boltz is more unproven than kscerato at this point. He has been playing ok but only against lower tier teams. Imo kscerato would be the best fit for a full Brazilian mibr...
Brazilian super team
boltz sucks dick rn and has been shit since january of last year fnx was actually very good but lost motivation and started playing like shit. If he came back now he would be shit 100% though. kngV on...
TOP 20 Players Of CS:GO
empty crowd?
good point
empty crowd?
there is literally no jungle for at least 1000km from são paulo
Sao Paulo not safe for BLAST
The city is huge and people think all of it is unsafe because they're retarded.
F0rest massively overrated
Get_right is better than f0rest in csgo for sure, I don't think anyone questions that. f0rest has been a solid tier 1 player for more than a decade though, and you may consider neo the goat of 1.6, bu...
16:9 black bars
Not sure if this is going to fix the issue for csgo, but on some other games selecting windowed borderless instead of full screen on vídeo settings fixes it for me usually.
math problem need genius
if you work with complex numbers there is actually. The "i" in d and e is sqrt(-1).
Brazil question