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9000 Astralis group stock's ama
It's public, not limited to danes :)
dev1ce is so overrated
+ he was actually pretty far up there, when looking at the best riflers in the world at that time. Kinda sad that he didn't reach his full potential on the rifle, but seeing how well he has been playi...
100 Thieves
Renegades was the better pick when looking at, profitablility, location wise (they are based in NA) and the fact that they have major spot.
100T scammed
Cant really call it getting scammed, when they get one of the better rosters of the current competitive scene. FOR FREE!!! :)
renegades deleted tweet
Astralis donates 30K for cancer research
Overtime? This one held the record i think, before ofc the Furia vs Fnatic still going strong at 31-32
Malmø Danish city
hahahaha love this narrative :D
Astralis aint danish
lul hahahahaha
NA being cocky
Wouldnt even call that an older user hahaha, older users would remember the witch hunts after KQLY got vac banned :D
EG strat
+1 Imagine Brehze not hitting half of the insane shots that he shouldnt have? They wouldnt be holding the trophy
Nope didnt loose a single map, even though people tend to think that they did infact loose a map. I honestly dont know why people think so. + Liquid was really bad back then compared to what they went...
DH Marseille
lul Astralis already did so......