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bet skins?
You say teamplay, but a lot of what has won them the rounds so far has been Bhreezy and Cerq with the odd Ethan round really. Remove Bhreezy and were would they be in this game. Him having the game of...
apex legends > csgo ?
Wouldn't say this is the same as when the actual major begins. Like when Astralis, Faze, Navi & Liquid n co. starts playing there will be a lot more viewers
If NRG loses..
Nah don't have the patience to wait until 57, just give it to me :)
TyLoo 3-0 today!!!
Lets go Tyloo Lets go Tyloo Lets go Tyloo China Numer 1
Chinese cs
PS. Dont insult a culture you clearly have absolutely no F***ing idea about.
Chinese cs
Dude I'm not sure you know that a lot of chinese people are extremely hard working, and i know for a fact that the Chinese CS scene has developed really well so far. Give them 1-2 years and we might s...
Vital disrespectful??
True but, still I'm not sure if I was able to relay what I meant. The reason why I'm commenting is mostly because of the fact that he thinks, from what I understand, that unless a highlight has impact...
tzuyu prettiest world
Tzuyu Best Girl
Vital disrespectful??
Basically you're saying any highlight which doesn't have a lot of impact, doesn't deserve to be in the vid? Highlights is a showcase of skill and talent, lack of impact does not make a highlight any l...
BOLD TOP20 2019
Or Jugi
BOLD TOP20 2019
The thing is, Niko and Device are pretty similar stat wise, this is a fact. But... Device has quite a fair amount of MVP's while Niko does not. This means that though the stats suggest they are pretty...
No I ain't his brother, that should be pretty obvious. And pls stop trollin
He is a young talent, with a bright future as long as he continues to dedicate to the game, currently he still hasn't gotten enough experience. Also there is this thing called having "a bad game" and ...