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SKADE vs Infinite
i'm always nice, i just dislike Nexus
Favourite Vsauce video
Nexus vs Trident
how?, they beat noone
Nexus vs Trident
Hahaha i told you it's ez for Trident 2-0 Nexus disband btw
you got this MNA, i believe in blytz
SKADE vs Infinite
GOGO Launx, first hltv match, your chance to prove yourself
Copenhagen Flames vs Nexus
aham, first read the private message i sent because i am not a manchild to debate in a comment section, act like a grown man for once and keep it in private like it should be.
Copenhagen Flames vs Nexus
nah i won't, you have way more power and i stand no chance regardless what i say so i see no point in that, keep doing you and i hope the fans will realise one day what's going on in this org.
Copenhagen Flames vs Nexus
you won't do shit with this team unless you change the whole lineup, you are stuck at this level for about 5 years with aproximately the same core you created Suxen ( a streamer team which is part of...
which game u watch?
navi i watch only navi matches and sometimes nexus
Copenhagen Flames vs Nexus
why would i cry about a #106 Esea Advanced team top3 in Romania maybe top1 in Bucharest
Copenhagen Flames vs Nexus
Cronos is at bp5 now?
Copenhagen Flames vs Nexus
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ESIC and Richard Lewis
they really have to to a huge investigation and ban everyone who is matchfixing otherwise tier3-4 won't even progress.