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I guess if you virgin
1- mouz, chrisJ 2- 30 3- Juliano is ok 4- Ballspielverein Borussia Dortmund 1909 5- VP: time to retire as legends. Faze: always that one inch away of a legacy.. C9: one hit wonder but expected.
cold electronic device?
not that bad. a solid 5/7.
he was alone in the optic gaming house which made is experience in NA pretty bad. but since c9 lives in a gaming house and he is friends with rush and tarik this could become possible. but i hope to...
mousesports vs x-kom
thanks for linking the wrong stream so that you miss the opening ceremony :(
I'm 26, she's 12 and wants me. Help
a perfect 5/7
wouldnt buy a 3gb GPU in 2018..
Inactive player who would like to see again
CSGO is dead.. welcome fortnite
i found the guy that is living in Luxembourg!
New map from Cache CO-author?
removing it would make the whole upper area weak af. ct had to gain main control from outside which takes much more time. i agree it is too ct sided but removing this rail doesnt make it any better.
New map from Cache CO-author?
to provide cover.
not only lost. got rekt on inferno badly! they could've picked train /discuss
Living in Germany - AMA
many people in denmark learn it as a school subject, right? wonder why... probably because of the lack of translations for foreign movies..
Living in Germany - AMA
sorry to bother you with the language, i know english is required. so you can understand what i wrote: how do you like the food? are you here to study?
Living in Germany - AMA
wie gefällt dir essen und trinken? bist du zum studieren hier?