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Russia is racist?
the op is talking about racism while you bring examples that every country had.
Russia is racist?
flat owners prefer slavic people because they're afraid of some chechens, afraid for their lives. that's what I heard.
Russia is racist?
lol. but most of eu/na think that everybody who speaks slavic language is russian. think about this for another decade :d
Rate PC
watch this video. I think it's not worth it to risk to ruin your expensive pc. I was thinking about water cooling myself, but changed my mind.
Rate PC
tests show it has a little advantage, plus it's safe. water cooling can leak, and there were cases when it even exploded.
Rate PC
go for air cooling, otherwise 10/10. maybe change graphics card to EVGA. best imo.
Zeus Never Learns
because s1mple can do aces with deag. but zeus is struggling to make kills even with ak sometimes, he is not able to do anything with pistol. so this way you get somehow 2 equal players.
heroic > navi
navi's just training cache against trash team
rival 300/310 vs g403 wireless
not at all. got used to it immediately.
rival 300/310 vs g403 wireless
g403 bestest. got both wired and wireless. perfect mice.
7/8 for your tries
ye, on a bottom level
that's what I meant. no one is really discussing anything.
he'd better start a topic about politics he doesn't understand on a forum full of 12yo kids.
Ever changed team you cheer for?
navi fan since i started playing csgo, year 2014. but I cheer for multiple teams.