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Your Last CRTL-C
I want to go out
outside is full of retards everywhere. just stay inside
Area 51|
why bother moving anything? even if they have 100k people show up they will all be dead before they get anywhere near entering the base
Average polak
trash post. anyone who doesnt want ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT muslims in their country raping everyone, killing everyone, etc gets labeled as nazis, especially in shithole of britain
blast music
who are these fkn hobo druggies
What celebrity would you revive?
Josef Mengele
+1 trump best president. its sad but braindead sjws of america would rather vote for some gay mentally ill trans muslim immigrant from nigeria who wants sharia law in US just because fake news says "...
they clearly arent american though
[18+] Worst porn you saw
prob all that goatse/lemonparty/meatspin/2girls1cup shit. never really seen overly weird porn other than that
[+18 ONLY] streaming cheater nudes (clara)
everything about her face and body is just disgusting...
fat people
i dont overly care about fat ppl in general (more girls for me, they wont want fattys) but the fat people that try act like nothing is wrong with them, that try to claim being fat is beautiful and th...
Rate kr4sylya legs
I don't understand why you feel the need to act like an asshole publicly and potentially letting this person see what you're writing? I'm all for having a laugh and saying stupid shit, but I don't pub...
watching blast
bruh its litty meme 😂😂😂😂😂
>everyone who wants free education high school until uni is free in NA. if you want to pursue further you should have to pay. >fair (big) taxes on rich people why should rich ppl be taxed a lot mo...