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ZyWhoO Fans, come here please
Michael Laudrup 0 World Cup_ Olivier Giroud 1 World Cup !
vac ban on old account
I love STRACHY NA LACHY - Raissa, man I don't know what they say but I hope it's a good thing hahaha
I apologize to the Turks
public school here only teaches the verb To Be, :c
vac ban on old account
is that polish? the witcher was written by poles. if you are polish i believe in you
vac ban on old account
Do you borrow your Facebook account? The Steam account does not lend to the brother.
Share your bad habits
Every time i get drunk i use cocaine I don’t want to do that, but when I get drunk I get stupid. The fault is mine but having 3 drug points per neighborhood it doesn't help me stop
How old does this person look?
38? formal clothes don't help either 27?
Brazilians smarter than Russians
You are defending the Soviets, you would be accused of Traitor in 1970 hahaha just kidding, who cares about IQ. Russians have Vodkas :3
Best song from your country?
You gave a higher grade for a Punk Music than for a Pop one I appreciate that kkkk,eu não conheço nenhuma música Dinamarquesa poderia indicar um Rock? I do not know any Danish music could indicate a R...
Best song from your country? when I'm sober, the lyrics speak about the innocents who die in Hiroshima without knowing why When I'm really ...
Flashpoint winner?
This championship is SG553 already nerfed? if Yes, I think Mibr and meyern is on fire
Netflix films
It is the Romanian team that Most Goes to CL, Obviously the most famous in Romania in the World hahaha
Netflix films
are you FCSB? I'm a Corinthians fan, 2 biggest fan numbers in the country, Flamengo first, these years they are rich, Gabigol played badly at Internazionale and Benfica and now plays well, bad year fo...