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The Quest vs LiviD
I watched the match, they played completely fine, the other team just had better aim on the day, it a fkin na mdl match. Last time in the hltv matched showed they lost a game 16-14, in what world isn'...
Invictus vs mousesports
lol what a idiot
The Quest vs LiviD
ur literally calling someone naive or not too smart bcs he thinks that the majority of matches in cs are not matchfixed. There is likely a very small percentage of matches that are matchfixed nowawada...
The Quest vs LiviD
He is saying that dumbasses like you who complain everytime a underdog wins should stfu. Cs is like this, esp bo1. Literally every dumbass who loses a bet cries in the hltv comments when they lose a b...
The Quest vs LiviD
How much?
Vitality vs TYLOO
this team has the potential to be a major winning french team again.
I bet on Astralis
god you're so delusional, no one likes you, look at all the responses, literally everyone either disagrees with you or is shit talking you, you should learn to shut the fuck up then dumbass, instead o...
shutup retard, its literally just ur post, so report urself aswell then
i honestly have no idea why wallbangs would be in this game... they're just so stupid its insane. u literally are rewarded for NOT AIMING at your target. Maybe the only reason its in the game is becau...
18+ r8 girl's aim
he has a clear shot on her head, who cares about body armor, ur literally like right infront of her
18+ r8 girl's aim
Imagine having a point blank shot and the element of suprise and stupid beaner misses, christ almighty
highest iq per country
Dude, what you're saying doesn't even make sense anymore, dynamics?. You must think so highly of yourself, I didn't even state anything about these stats and their validity, also these stats if they a...
highest iq per country
I never said Asian are smarter than anyone else u dumbass, read what I said maybe. Im just disputing ur brainlet statement that westerners invented most things you see today, they didn't u dimwit.
highest iq per country
sad thing is u unironically believe the dumb shit u say bcs ur a dumb cunt. More than half the shit we have nowadays is an international effort. Being around alot of academics, you learn from them tha...