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Stay strong Ukraine!
Damn, I'm so sick of that political war already. Why we jast cant live in peace, fuck. I will have my own family soon and I dont want some nuclear war or smth to start. Just try to be kind to each ot...
Russians in CS:GO
Well, thats the perfect example that someone can be way more toxic than russians.
Russians in CS:GO
Well, thats the point why I always lie about my country when I play mm. People will claim you "russian piece of shit" even if you are actually trying to give proper calls and to talk nicely. Thats rea...
Zeus record?
Olof, Guardian and S1mple 4 sure
Gambit Disband
They are actually disbanding https://vk.com/overdrivez?w=wall-155585322_11286 Basically, it says that ESL New York will be last tournament for the squad. They will most likely play it without HObbit....
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
Na'Vi always struggle against Gambit, so it could easily be an upset
VG.Flash vs NRG
Damn, ImAPet got denied
SS wtf is going on ?
Just kidding ofc, but it would be pure genius
SS wtf is going on ?
They are just masterminds of economy. I bet they bought all SS stickers from the steam market, and bait everyone with that twitter shit. Now they will sell it for 3x price. I always knew turks are gen...
byali fap to juliano
Lost all byali I had for respect
Master Guardian
Cloud 9 Zeus
Yea, his English irl is pretty terrible. Its getting obvious, when you see his vlogs or streams.
Russian people
Because all normal rusians who can really cooperate and speak english will never admit that they are russians. I was trying to play with some swedish guys, gave them all the info they need, but still ...