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Tom Zanetti (UK)
3rd worlders come here
my toilet needs cleaning poorlak
EoN vs ConfigStarz
one of the better odds these days, 2.3 on eon lol, anything outside SS/DP in Turkey is bad
UltiCoin vs Knock Out
2am on monday? geez
best country? :)
not sure if its safe even if no immigrants, there are some mental british fuckboys who listen to tom zanetti 24/7, not sure if i would like that
Tottenham - Liverpool
So you saying Salah De Bruyne and Lukaku are at this level because of Chelsea? rofl
r8 my school
Looks cool asf wont even lie
TYLOO vs HellRaisers
they should honestly kick these 3 chinese cunts and add some promising indonesians, would probably work out better
smooya is just something else. crack
r8 school schedule
11 grader Monday 8:30 - 16:05 Tuesday 8:30 - 14:15 Wednesday 8:30 - 15:10 Thursday 8:30 - 15:10 (break between 11:05-13:30) Friday 9:25 - 13:20 Consider it pretty bad (first 2 lessons on tuesday are ...
-5 iq
Boombl4 gf
im actually done my latvian brother, lifes not fair bruh...
Rogue vs Astralis
Hiko = shroud, typical pug player always struggles against strong teams and when his team needs him
Favourite soccer team
High level: Bordeaux, Nice, Valencia, Real Betis, Zenit Low level: Liepaja, Zalgiris, Nizhny Novgorod, Beitar
Hottest girls by country
1. Brazil/Colombia/Spain (Latinas) 2. Lithuania (many of them are hoes but they are hot:( ) 3. Poland/Russia (Slavic) 4. Denmark/Sweden (Scandi) 5. Serbian (best to have relationship with) 6. Vietname...