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Fortnite > Pubg??
It could be him tbh its not that hard to do
'clip it please'
Why do you keep saying that, like seriously that clip was nice but it isn't anything to make a single video out of just THAT 1 play, like it wasn't THAT impressive
Fat girl...
i mean its a fact
Fat girl...
no i meant she isn't THAT attractive, just good looking like if super attractice was 9/10 good looking is 6/10 for me but if i want girlfriedn i need to find someone who is 10/10
Fat girl...
wtf why do u waste time to comment that
Fat girl...
wtf is ur problem my nigga
Fat girl...
Thanks man i probs wouldn't date her cause i mean she isn't that attractive but i just found it pretty cool how she is super fat but still pretty good looking
Fat girl...
Hack? i dont know how to hack wtf my nigga!
Fat girl...
The thing is it's not bait i usually don't like fat girls at all i think they are ugly and i know most people think she will be ugly but i would give her a decent 8/10 and would probably smash if she ...
poor ropz
Lol no.. xantares and paz better
World of warcraft
Oh what is 4story?
semmler leaves csgo report
Overwatch will die sooner especially the pro scene
semmler leaves csgo report
hahah Esports on csgo will always be greater then overwatch so doesnt really matter if the game is slowly dying
Top 10 AWPers?
id say switch guardian with kenny but for the rest i agree
Minecraft PvP
What a bad roast.. shit like this makes me cringe so hard and i can endure alot of shit that other peolpe would call cringy