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Disable FXAA anti aliasing Thanks me for later
my sister have a crush for me
Expected you to show her your massive dick, disappointed but didn't expect much from mongolia
s1mple Re-Signs With Navi Through Late 2020
yes but ez 30k salary now
G2 haters come here
HLTV second most retard forum when it comes to debating actual cs
No Masturbation 3 Weeks
thanks for info men
No Masturbation 3 Weeks
do you learn how to stop time after 6 weeks in or 7 weeks in ?
Vitality vs NiP
Well i'm explaining to you they haven't won a single bo3 yet you tell me they did do u agree or not wtf mens
Vitality vs NiP
Ok, find a me a bo3 that vita won and zywoo had a negative rating throughout the whole match, i'm waiting. (plot twist : there is none)
Vitality vs NiP
and these are maps, if we talk about matches, when zywoo had a negative rating over the course of the whole match, vitality won only 1 match (0.94 rating vs Leftout, bo1) Talk about a carry, s1mple i...
Vitality vs NiP
And the match vs Leftout (1 year ago) is the ONLY time vitality won a match (was a bo1) and zywoo had a negative rating. He had a positive rating in the other matches So we can say Vitality hasn't wo...
Vitality vs NiP In fact I looked it up, out of the 300 maps that zywoo played under the vitality tag. Vitality only won 4 maps (1.3%) when ZywOo had a negative ...
Vitality vs NiP
that doesn't happen all the time. Just look at zywoo's stats, literally 100% of the time he has a rating < 1, you can be sure vitality lost the match.
Vitality vs NiP
Bad match from zywoo ? Vitality loses, literally every fucking time. But on twitter, french vitality suckers will say this team is very balanced
Xavier dupont de ligonnès ?
nah the guy on jvc just had some insider information. Guy was bout to get arrested since some time ago
Xavier dupont de ligonnès ?
you will see soon in new movie