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Let me tell you a story little inet warrior: When you die, you won't know your dead. You won't suffer at all. But the people around you will suffer a lot. The same thing applies to being stupid....
Lurppis: "Hope they replace fox after the major"
Lurppis is the kind of guy that looks for the weakest link in every team, confirms by looking at his stats, and then makes an opinion about removing the player. Doesn't make him unique at all, sinc...
device humiliated lurpiss
He is speculating. If he was stating something he knew, this wouldn't be a thing. But it's hurts a team if some expert says that they don't take the game seriously and never practice. That's how it lo...
Dazed is toxic
Because pointing them out in an agressive tone midgame is better? You watch demos and learn from mistakes after the match, and not in the heat of the moment.
Dazed is toxic
The problem is that even tho DaZeD is a good IGL, and that his individual play also was above expectation, he wasn't a good leader. You can't have a figure in your team that constantly pick on your sl...
Most known/Great players from your country in the history of CS ?
Yeah ofc, kunfigur3 :D
Most known/Great players from your country in the history of CS ?
Xeqtr, elemeNt, REAL, Naikon, juve9le, juzam, zevy bsl, knoxville, damian, luke, oops, prb, xione, DaY, noLA, hellzerk, kalle, vertigo, jungelbobo, raven, and dark.
Nice! thx for skins ddos bastards ;)
lol MystiC, gg russians ;)
Thorin wrong once again HAHA
That's why he isn't doing any betting ;)
Edward Pistol Ace
That is my favourite pistolace of all time. Haven't seen anything like this ever after, but I think that Edward and f0rest got other pistol action that in the top10 of all time.
Worst Tier 1 pro?
flusha xypn6x friberg smithz taz seized Maniac on Titan.
G2 vs mousesports
What happened to niko?
Kinguin's secret
Or you could actually go to LAN yourself to understand it. If two guys holding B on inferno sits togheter, they can understand better, and adept theyr crossfire as they play by having a quick look at ...