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Do I drop my degree?
It was the same for me for the first 2 years. They just give you the foundation knowledge about some low level stuff that you probably don't understand yet why you need it. It will become better once ...
Because it was british but then russian telecommunication company bought them.
IMbt didnt use coach bug
Well, in this case there is pretty solid evidence. In Nordavind situation forZe on their site even showed that they used the same pistol round formation against other teams(like 7 examples or somethin...
IMbt didnt use coach bug
He still used it in 2 other cases though. And this one with MIBR will probably be re-reviewed.
"424 rounds across 16 maps."
That's only true if all those maps ended with 16-0 score. Max of what you can get without overtimes is 16x30=480.
Team Spirit
It's not the first time Spirit actually makes it to tier-2. Usually, they drop back after the Major/Major qualifiers but looks like this new system with RMR tournaments finally gave them the motivatio...
Well, last 2 years or so was pretty bad for his teams in CS(and I believe non of the players really recovered from that? So it's was not only his problem). At least he's competing for a top spot in EU...
Why Is Russia Posting Bounties For US Scalps?
First of all, if this is true, why would random HLTV user know about it? Second, why would anyone in their mind confirm it in our government? No matter hoax or truth, no country ever will say: "Yes, w...
Yekindar to VP
I mean, there were rumours about Ange1 going to VP, but none of the somewhat trusted sources reported about it except for Ange1 himself telling: "There were 2 offers that interested me: 1 from China, ...
It's more like a historical value and not "he dominated a scene" or something. His team was the one to stop NiP at 87-0. The only BO7 game won in the game. He and coaches he worked with found players ...
That's actually a really good question. Seems like everybody started to believe in it at some point because... Well, probably because "Why else would he be in this org for so long?"
Well, guess what. https://hellraisers.pro/news-en/hellraisers-bench-csgo-roster/
I believe he said somewhere that he didn't receive any offers when they were reforming a team. But don't trust me 100% on that.
So basically you propose some eu leftovers instead of CIS leftovers right now. And there's a reason why they're leftovers, no matter how you like Scream. And at the same time you keep crush with his 0...