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ex-3DMAX vs HellRaisers
I guess they just treat this qualifier as some kind of practice before StarSeries.
RPG Game To Play
Well, he said in another comment that he doesn't want an MMO, so I decided not to mention The Old Republic.
RPG Game To Play
"just several different ones with different names in the star wars universe" Based on that, I think he heard about KOTOR, but I don't think there're any others tbh. Some games of Jedi Knight series h...
ex-3DMAX vs HellRaisers
Only Angel left from HR lineup with oskar, so I not so sure about this. If the structure of the team is same then probably we should adjust pretty quick. Other option for him is that the team now has ...
Point is that terrorists have some kind of goals and requirements and these attacks are the way they're trying to get attention to these and to show that they're ready for anything to achieve these (a...
Astralis 82% win rate.
It was 87 in a row on LAN as far as I remember. But I can be wrong though.
Wasn't GTR's idea to throw molly there? Pretty much same effect, people die after the explosion, but still.
Heh, why not. At least it wasn't some kind of daily "Certain nation are bad" or politics thread.
There's poster for that moment on Inferno. https://www.dbltap.com/posts/5343487-valve-adds-poster-in-honor-of-dosia-s-grenade
Around 0.5$? Not sure how much in dollars, but it was 28 in rubles.
Good for you. I was so unlucky that from 2 capsules I got 2 IEM stickers. Like, wtf, Valve? I can understand 1, but 2 in the row?
Donald Trump won’t give up
We have that anti-vax shit as well, but already for years, actually, but it was never to the point of some kind if epidemy. And flat-earth, people really believe that unironically? I heard news about ...
HR-EU or cis ?
Last time they asked organizers (faceit) what they should do with 2 cis, 2 eu and 1 asian players. They told them that they can choose between eu and cis, so it depends on organizers, I guess.
ENCE vs HellRaisers
Even more so, have to play minor again if they 0-3.
Well, firstly no, no one gonna "unplug internet cable", that's just stupid. They gonna block content for sure, but not cut out internet completely. Parliament actually thinks it's possible that USA or...