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NEW LIQUID.............................
tarik auti naf elige wardell ez top 1
actually a good move. they should get dosia out of there too
Na'Vi changes
i also truly feel like he should be rifling but who else could you bring in that would awp? guardian out of the discussion i think. only ones i can think of is jR or worldedit
Is this the real life?
Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
top 5 rappers
glad you enjoy man, i think he has potential to blow up for sure. and i've seen jpdreamthug around for a long time actually, maybe heard him on some collabs or something. i'll peep his solo stuff def...
What r u gonna play when CSGO die
idk havent played cs in a yr
Na'Vi changes
ange1 s1mple electronic adren hobbit ez fucking top 1
top 5 rappers
have you heard of convolk? i think you'll like him if you haven't
Top 10 IGL of all time CS:GO !
1. Kyle "ODEAG" Ocean rest irrelevant
Yung lean
theyre really close friends since before making music, always touring together and stuff. they have like 20+ songs together as well. if you like lean i'd definitely check him and ecco2k out
Yung lean
yl is pretty good but his flow is really trash sometimes. like the most basic sounding shit ever. definitely enjoy bladee/ecco2k a lot more
Swag and AZK
joining faze already confirmed by my vast network of industry sources
How many comments do you have?
3k (99% brainless shitpost)
top 5 rappers
denzel curry nessly bladee ecco2k rvmirxz honorable mentions: shakewell,, 6 dogs, bones, xavier wulf, $ilkmoney, night lovell, coldhart, beamon, juice wrld
-boltz +lucas eztop1