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Vettel PLS retire !!!
Well yeah he kinda threw it away but it's more entertaining that way, Lewis' driving style is way too defensive imo whereas Vettel has to try.
Vettel PLS retire !!!
Well at least he has personality compared to one dimensional Lewis Hamilton #BestFans
what´s the best food in your country?
Chicken and Asparagus Mini Tarts
best OST in a tvseries/movie
That is correct yeah, First Step as well tho. Short but good.
best OST in a tvseries/movie
Interstellar is pretty good. Both the movie but the soundtrack is fantastic as well.
I don't recommend glass tables for gamers with anger problems
r8 cheap watch
For 15 euro you can get something much better like a Casio F91-W, might not look as nice but it is pretty iconic and it's great value.
Top 10 Greatest Rappers of All Time
Technicality and lyrics but that's just my opinion why they are better than Rakim. And I simply just like Eminem's style more than Nas'.
Top 10 Greatest Rappers of All Time
1. Eminem 2. Nas 3. Biggie 4. Kendrick Lamar 5. Jay-Z 6. 50 Cent 7. Royce da 5'9" 8. Rakim 9. Andre 3000 10. Logic As for 2Pac, he is best hip hop artist, but not the best rapper ever.
CS:GO 2018 Poll
Best and Worst player of 2018: Best: s1mple. Worst: Karrigan Best and Worst team of 2018: Best: Astralis. Worst: Gambit, went from winning a major to #30 Best and Worst caster of 2018: Best: Sadokist....
Asian girls
Asian girls
Already did, so yes.
drinks in your room
https://imgur.com/DF27FI7 Those are mine
[+18] Best Pornstar
Kali and Charity +1000000