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memers? I meme them
haters? i hate them
baiters? i bait them
Admins? i ban them
(but not Jonathan E. , he ban me)


Greatest of the greatest hltv users: The Mighty Godzera (it's me!)

What you think about the Godzera?

Clearly insane and stupid... -Jonty04l32

I also detect baitors and fakeflaggers on their hltv-profile. (100% Accurate so far)

I'm the creator of the HLTV Goodness Movement.
We are a team who are against the dark users of hltv, which are baitors, racists, fakeflaggers, hators.

I'm also a part of the tier 1 users steam group featuring users such as Baguette from Ikea and Legend27. The steam group can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/hltvt1users

if you see the sign of the Godzera it means you are a great baitor + love! :)


List of confirmed Fakeflaggers:
d1visioN: Removing all my comments regarding his fakeflaggery and actually being from Sweden.

Poodlez: Of course I will look like a nationalist defending my country. I'm dead tired of getting so much shit for being a Swedish citizen.
This guy changed his flag the next day.

FakeF1agger: Actually from Great Britain, talked to him on teamspeak long time ago.

Gandhii: He's most likely American, not Indian.


Favorite comments of the Godzera:

Darth_Kartoffel: One of the great persans on the HLTV. Our savior and lord - The Mighty Godzera. I shall serve you my lord with honour and respect and I gratitude you for protecting and taking care of our home, The HLTV. Thank you sincerly - Darth_Kartoffel.

SiKdoodle: Retarded 100%

USA_FLAG_2K17_LUL: fuck you

FascistPig: this guy is dumb.

Martin: HLTV+

IarentThinkThatz: i are love u my friend cuz very nice persan and legit user. Signed by Gedeondamassa. <smoke mid everyday>

intellegent_slavic_guy: Great passionate Brazilian guy who believes in justice.

Jonty04l32: I think you're an awesome person. Kind, sophisticated, intelligent and anti-witch-hunter. It's a shame you think so maliciously of me, but I'm not going to stop greeting you good day or good evening, as I'm not that kind of guy. You're completely unique in every way, tell yourself that. I do not bait, I do have any other accounts and I do not agree to bait/CopyPasta/malicious attitude. Hence, my SJW status and beliefs on the matter. Have a great day, friend. Promise me you'll do something good today.

i_hate_autism: wow you are truly an idiot

Igor Macko: [Igor Macko Approved Profile]

feathern: i hope u stay banned

DoctorAbdul: While you are reading this comment , doctorAbdul is healing you and deleting all your sins. Don't forget to thank dr abdul for free medpack.


Common questions;
Question 1:Papi papi!!! why cant not you a do make a memeo on the hltveo! papi papi!! :,((!!

Answeration 1: No, my friend I'm very serious guy and i need to keep this reputation, meme willn't happens to me at least in the near very future.

Question 2: hey the Godzera of the mighty! Hehe! I wonder you what you think about you being fakeflagger?

Answeration 2: My friend, this does not do the truth, I am the real brazilian of my people. people think Im not the real but I posted copypasta of "favelian brotha" or something yes, it was fun because I understand it's a Joke! Not a mean flame and hate, you know this my friend.

Question 3 : What are you doing besides HLTV Dot ORG

Answeration 3: My friend I'm play the games of the computers, i meet the friendos and I live the life you know, i am just the normal guy in the outside but the HLTV I have to ward it!


Weird ban reasons that strike Godzera:

Number one ban:Jonathan once ban me because someone were trolling me?

Number two ban: I compared Richard Lewis with voldemort because everyone were joking about richard lewis doing bad stuff. Not even comparable to the other comments in the thread (they were saying stuff like Lewis killed some girl or something.) I basicly just wrote that both Richard Lewis and voldemort are names I wouldn't say because they're both "fucked".

Bonus content! My friend of mine got permantenly ip-banned because his name was "Swedentoxicfak". He had swedish flag and even was from Sweden. He didn't know his name was offensive in any way and I wouldn't do either if I was him. He didn't even get a chance to change his name if it was so wrong. Really weird in my opinion.


Thank you for visiting and hopefully readed the profile of mine, I really hope you the best :)
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