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I'm just a dude that loves playing CS, even tho I'm not even close to being good at it.

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ASTRALIS - 1st to be kicked
wasn't karrigan also a co-owner, he got kicked as well.
Youtube wtf?
huh, yea that looks dumb, sorry dude, dunno why it looks that way, maybe you are in some sort of involuntary beta of a new YT layout :D
Youtube wtf?
i would say they are about the same size for me, but things are different compared to yesterday, idk what's going on.
Youtube wtf?
did they also change the dark mode? i swear it's brighter than it used to be
Esport is it a Sport?
Imo it isn't a sport, it's its' unique own thing, because just as you have many sports, you also have many esports. Also just because you do a sport doesn't mean you'll have defined abs, different s...
Are skin prices rising?!?
yea, i noticed that too, i bought a bayo vanilla for like 150 E, and now its selling for 220+ E and I was blown away. The reason for it is probably not just one thing. I think it's cuz older skins d...
They are the best looking holos imo. bought 1 for 8 eur and now it's selling for 22+ pog.
fucking show
nah he gives up when he loses the pistol round, and he also writes GG in chat.
MIBR [*]
>2017 >now Pick one
I´ve bought MINECRAFT
you call me a kid, and yet here you are on a video game forum talking about a video game that a lot of us(including you) played when we were younger and had a great time. why bother.
I´ve bought MINECRAFT
what's wrong with being a kid tho? being a kid is awesome.
I´ve bought MINECRAFT
Well cool, you're also apparently not creative.
I´ve bought MINECRAFT
well, it's for creative people so I'm not surprised that you didn't enjoy it.
I´ve bought MINECRAFT
lmao, you say there's nothing to do and that there's bad graphics, I tell you how it really is and you call me a kid. I didn't expect much and somehow I'm still disappointed
I´ve bought MINECRAFT
Hey man, have fun! It's a great game and when the MC music kicks in you'll feel the nostalgia.