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Big will win
Watch smooya and nex shit their pants
school debate
when your opposition say something just go REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Call them facist nazi racist islamaphobe white-supremacist patriarchal anti-semite
Japanese Age of Consent
I've had classmates who were 14 and pregnant with nipple piercings and shit, It's normal in shit state schools in the UK, girls have sex early even though the legal age is like 16 not like the police...
Pins Worth Investing?
Just kidding, I have money to buy max 5 I only want to make up the ticket price and transport/food
Major results leaked
I think Hellraisers can upset
Draken Trash talking on Twitter.
Draken's shirt has a horse face underneath Draken to TL cumfirmed?
fat ppl
It annoys me when fat people sit next to me on a train or at a concert I respect people I don't really hate them, but if they are physically squeezing me it makes my life unconfortable. When asked the...
18+ Pornogirls
Fake Sweedish using the word man-ish I thought your country is gender neutral/non-binary
iPhone = Joke
The only saving grace for iPhone is the processor performance Otherwise it’s just total dog shit, that Xr is not even 1080p and cost £749 smh. XS is worth buying if you are hyper rich and doesn’t care...
G2 vs HellRaisers
Only newfags think scream is good from the frag montages they see on youtube
worst city in your country??
says murica aka get-shoot-everyday-land happy 911 btw
worst city in your country??
Because it's a predominantly Muslim city, Sharia law rules over British law It's also the biggest terrorism hotspot, many terrorist and hate preachers came from Luton, most famously Anjem Choudary
worst city in your country??
Luton and Birmingham
UK internet lmao
I'd rather have it in ISIS land over Brazil The monkeys are disgusting, they pee, they spit and they make death threats
UK recomendation
You think London still has natives?