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You pay for a nice environment to stay in
I guess your IQ
16 3 PhD LE Once a week, 5K running Eat quite a lot outside because no time
Ryzen 3700 and RX 3070
The leak is from AdoredTV. I've been following this guy for quite a few years, his RTX leak was almost spot on. I wouldn't think this one would be too far off.
Honest Review from the Update
Cheap knockoff of PUBG. Only 18 players not the same level of accomplishment as 50+ players. Also, CS has lost its soul as a tactical skill based shooter
CS GO Update
Csgo update
I'd laugh if it's 23:59 Hawaii time
Apple is smart!
Selling a $200-300 piece of tech for $1000+ = Genius Selling 128GB more storage for +$200 = Einstein tbh no one should be buying phones above $600, the best flagships cost less than $300 to manufactu...
144Hz cellphones ??????
Poor guy
-No Jack -Have notch but no FaceID -Some chin at the bottom Otherwise pretty solid phone
Sad Story vs Macau Legend
sad story bro
is 'chingchong' racist?
The word itself is not intrinsically harmful, just like n*gger but became offensive the way people use it.
Right Wing come here
Southern states=Christian Conservatives Believe in religion=Mental retarded, makes sense
If you boost clockspeed by 20% you should expect performance to increase by 20%. Worth it or not depends on you. Your card won't die on you, having it running at high frequency will make it degrade fa...
after 10y the 980 will be as obsolete as the original iPhone
For 900 series the power limit is 120% which will not even come close to killing your card. For a 980 you should be able to comfortably do 1400MHz and memory to 8000MHz (Samsung) or 7600 MHz (Others)