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I'm proud of my nation
Instead of wasting money on nuclear programmes how about using the money to feed starving children?
Champions league draw tomorrow
I hope more football fans can be like you, but sadly many aren’t.
Champions league draw tomorrow
Yes, any form of fanboyism is beyond stupid
Champions league draw tomorrow
You know that the team you support has nothing to do with you and them winning doesn't do anything to your life. They do not share any of the prize money in fact they make money off you by selling tic...
lost my interest at cs
why do you want to get it back? move onto something more productive that actually have a meaning, learn an instrument for example. Imagine being 80 and look back into your life: I spent so much time t...
RIP Stephen hawking
UK is a joke politically
That's why I make all my hate speech in public, just make sure no one was recording me then I can say anything
Adblock ftw
100% Shox future
I was don't know this details!! you only said he doesn't play with Ex6
100% Shox future
Shox Smithzz RpK ScreaM Happy
disco doplan muslim?
Finally someone with common sense rather than regurgitating the politically correct brainwash. There're a lot of information one can extract from another's looks, and this is not limited to the face. ...
Smooya VAC Banned?
feelsbadman the moment when you realise your idol is a cheater
World Cup 2018 WINNER
Why even bother putting BRA71L in the list? The rape was too hardcore to be on pornhub
Get shot for it #jesuischarlie
It simply suggests that the best brains in the UK are Asians, which is a well-known fact. Your point?