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[18+] Sexuality in the modern world
It's true till some point, But I don't mind that girls even say shit like pull my hair it's hot as when you actually do it
How bad is my computer
i run csgo 50-60 fps 800*600 4;3 all lowest settings nt man cant even run h1z1 it's 1 big pixel on lowest setting and still laggy
Skin Giveaway
i won thx guys for parcitipating
Pros with high sens
1400 dpi 8 sens 800*600 bb 4;3 global is all about wrist movement idk why people like to swipe 900000x for 1 inch of movement lol
Turks banning dutch cows :D
haha turkey haha muslims haha are 300 years behind in evolution think we take them serious xd Every day I look out side, and when im college I am so happy I am born in a country that has decent...
my sister
he ment erdogan deported
my sister
And her husband is appointed at the age of 4 and she got married at 5.
Erdogan wanted to flyer out to muslims in the netherlands that he should get more power in his country. 1. The muslims that are in the netherlands and dont want to deported shoudn't give a fuck abo...
Hz monitor
buy new monitor make post about it baits the fuck out of people hltv fml
Visual representation: * * * * * * * * * shitt this site going ham on math
If god isn't real, than who is president of america?
Nice Bet
Withdrawed some money. Reason is I know if I keep everything on it I know im faster to keep betting 100dollars and shit, which is smart yes on matches like i did with gambit. But as you can see I d...
richest orgs?
Splyce ez
North will win
can confirm north wins next is 2-0 sk tomorrow 2-1 fnatic/astr with like 2.9x bet rate
Nice Bet I got bored after 2 min, just picked random matches