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fav metal song?
Mah nibba. People = Shit was the first metal song I ever heard back in 2002. Still one of my favorites.
Apex Legends Hype
I'm fucking sick of video game industry. True that I don't follow much upcoming releases and whatnot but literally every BR game that has come so far I haven't heard about until I see one of my Steam ...
ENCE vs Valiance
What a time to be alive.
Finland pls explain
>be finland 2019 >be most well known for child rapes Gg, fuck this gay country.
What snus do u take boys?
Okay, I need to try that if I have a chance.
What snus do u take boys?
Doesn't taste like lakris to me. More like peppermint. I guess we like it just because it has so much nicotine.
What snus do u take boys?
Neftóbak Hopefully going to Swedenland next month so I can get Oden's to upper belt. :D
Man hits her PREGNANT wife while on stream
Lol @ all the Finnish white knights. Our nation's whole culture is surrounded around wifebeating.
Facebook or not. This game deserves to die along the latest update.
Havu gonna take revenge for summer assy.
Sunny earning only 45k year
No, because only our communist piece of shit country lets everyone see how much we make.
is the "xaxaxa" laugh, brazilian?
or "hähähää"
If all crimes where legal for 24 hours,
But what if there was no lord for 24 hours?
First time alcohol?
When I was 14, I think. My cousin's big brother bought me a 12-pack of beer and my cousin had a bottle of vodka mixed with energy drink. :D I'm 24 and off the stuff now.
Best song from your language?