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Radeon is perfectly fine if you just use your computer to play games, but if you are a content creator, you are better off with Nvidia. AMD has to announce their RDNA2 line up before September 17th, ...
Buying a new chair
Gaming chair, gaming keyboard, gaming mouse pad, gaming desk are all redundant stuff, probably even worse than normal options in some cases. They are just adding redundant component that makes thing m...
life changing add-on
Hopefully these do not affect Youtubers income, otherwise no good.
Next Major!
Jeez ... this forum always require you to be super active in order to post topic ...
rate my flute skill
I remember I have to learn flute for music class back when I was a kid in school, and at the end of the semester, there will be final exam for it. Everyone has to go to the front of everyone to perfor...
source 2 cancelled
Cancel Culture :3
Steam Summer Sale
Just come back 3 hours after the sale start because every single year, it is a lag fest.
R* don't learn from their flaw, GTA 5 keybinding is already a mess, and it's way way worse in RDR2, imagine what it is going to be like in GTA 6. Let's not mention how long it takes to load into mult...
They can't possibly put this game on Geforce Now, because there will be significant latency.
Support woman with buying AMD
I feel like once AMD get their dominance secured, they might start ripping off customers at some point ... and then Intel is back to the game once again
unpopular opinions
CS is actually repetitive and boring
Girls shaving
Because legs surface is convex, underarms surface is concave, you don't shave it as easy as leg, you need to use Veet. Unless you are referring to forearm hair.
rx 580 users come
Temp is around 73C. Card is only drawing about 135W of power.
AK-47 Ahegao