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Your PC configuration?
i5 8400 RX 580 4GB 16 GB 2666 MHz D: Off-topic: I do not want to spend money to upgrade everything since everything was trapped by my motherboard, but I would like to get 5700 XT or 5800/XT if they ...
Taxation is by definition THEFT
Some countries/state tax too much, some countries don't, but in the end it's totally up to how the government is redistributing the wealth.
how long is the major pass on sale for?
Last major discount lasted 9.5 days.
Who will win? kNG's mom vs Coldzera's mom.
gla1ve cringe
Should children be allowed to be transsexuals?
Doesn't matter what the majority thinks, it's totally up to that person him/herself. It's an extremely controversial matter because it's not just a matter of 18+ or not, because you still don't really...
Playing cs?
Cuz they are gaming human
This site is annoying, have to farm like 10+ comments in order to make threads.
slept 6h today
Cold shower will make you forget everything.
They have already announced they will have a patch or bios update to fix it on September 10th I think.
AMD scam exposed
AMD make new gen CPU every year, and those gen 1 gen 2 Ryzen are on mad discount but they are still good, so it's good for budget PC builders :)
How to quit smoking?
Replace cigarette with e-cigarette or chewing gum ?
How do you make friends?
In high school, people seek friends for fun. But in college, people generally don't bother to look for friends anymore. If they do, they are probably just doing it for benefits only. College is the ...
Depends on your current age really. If you are like 40+, you would prefer someone at 30 than at 20.
Hurricane Dorian :/
Always buy insurance just like how you buy defuse kit and armor when you got the money :P