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New French Team?
Kio ScreaM Zywoo ex6tenz Amanek could potentially be the best french team
Best kick in history?
he wasnt kicked he left on his own
Best kick in history?
Best -cajunb and -karrigan on Astralis FaZe -Allu -Kio Worst -Golden - lekr0 fnatic Mouz - Styko C9 - n0thing VP - TaZ
Windigo vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
when is hunden out? i thought he was off the team
FaZe & mibr
FaZe: Karrigan Rain GuardiaN -RobbaN -NiKo -Olofmeister +cromen +ScreaM +Coach (Maybe seang@res) MiBR: YNk Fallen Fer Coldzera -Tarik -Stewie2k +s1mple +NiKo NaVi: Kane Zeus Flamie electronic -s1mpl...
TOP 5 players in 2018
1. dev1ce 2. s1mple 3. dupreeh 4. gla1ve 5. xyp9x 6. NiKo 7. electronic 8. Magisk 9. Coldzera 10. NAF / Twistzz
NaVi Mousesports Gambit BIG
Top 5 best player in your country
Autimatic Brehze Tarik nitr0 Freakazoid USA Ftw
XXXTENTACION fans come here
I like woah (mind in awe) and I don't let go ofc BAD! but thats been out for a month now lmfao
-zeus, edward +hobbit, ange1
-Edward -Flamie +Hobbitt +AdreN This move should have happened in fucking August. Now it is too late for Hobbitt and Flamie and Edward still suck. Has to be -1 of them + AdreN AT LEAST vs Singularity
lets go Food
He’s not a IGL but he’s probably the next best thing in the danish scene in terms of fragging, he should only be there for this one tournament and Flusha will most likely IGL
0 : 18 ON LAN
holy shit lmao just saw that, what a game by MiBR though
0 : 18 ON LAN
who and what game
North Logic 3.0
HLTV article interview said he decided to part ways with them, but in HLTV confirmed he was on there and said they were going a different direction and he was out and other teams inquired about TENZKI...