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First game you played and on which console
homm3 pc sth like 2005 or maybe c&c red alert pc 04. Actually dont know, since i played with my older brother when i was really young
ence fans come here
i know. but #4 stated "They usually do decent in events they go to..." and you questioned that. so there's your answer edit: well not questioned that, but questioned "pretty strong"
ence fans come here
i guess your mm rank v69
no mm rank atm, used to be ge. now 2.5k elo faceit. GJ
i guess your mm rank v69
age: 21 fav: ast hated: n/a but dislike mibr sens: 400dpi 1.5 freq: 144 start: 2015 drink: beer or coke
d3d9ex comparison
yes, but not universally. actual changes to the game, like r8 revolver or shit like that.
d3d9ex comparison
game updates don't get covered here unless it's something major that affects gameplay
Greatest era of all time
because the competition isnt as good as astralis. the others compete among themselves just as hard as the aforementioned did in the day, but ast has just reached a whole other level
Dupreeh's father
maybe youre not conveying your thoughts correctly in english, because #55 responded to your point exactly
fnatic era > astralis era
Pls look at some facts before talking... https://gyazo.com/cf36c8393fe60dfe5a67cdbefeb0fbac
ES for ENCE. ES in Finland is known as the cheap energy drink by the brand Euroshopper, hence ES :D
https://gyazo.com/cf36c8393fe60dfe5a67cdbefeb0fbac AUGstralis really?
Map win streaks of Astralis rn
If any team ever, then happily ENCE. Just not yet, my friend. History has to be written first. (edit) Nice nick, love it
Map win streaks of Astralis rn
Yeah it really panned out for me :D I really want ast to win, so no one can argue against them being the GOAT CSGO team, and also diamond pickem. If ENCE wins tho, eh, I guess it'll be bittersweet, id...
Map win streaks of Astralis rn
I'd like to see the streak continue, chasing those early-bird NiP boys' streaks