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Mercedes vs BMW
If you have such problems with understanding what you read maybe go back to school? On the other hand, you must have been the bullied child and now you insult everyone who says something different. On...
Mercedes vs BMW
if anything hurts, it's definitely not your comment lol You behave like a typical fanboy, "mine is the best and over". Idk why did i expect a normal debate from fakeflagger, instead you insult me. Sc...
Mercedes vs BMW
Typing "haha" for about half of your sentence might be funny for you but it's quite immature and it's not fitting expertwannabe. I understand your frustration, so get down to work and you won't see Me...
Mercedes vs BMW
nt fakeflagger, i can imagine your experience, your neighbor bought W163 and let you walk around his car.
Mercedes vs BMW
Yep, I drove S60 I (after lifting) few weeks ago. Cool car, 2.4 D5 nice engine but jesus christ, was it that hard for Volvo engineers to make better steering angle?
Mercedes vs BMW
What's your research sample, 2 of your friends? I agree that Mercedes is better overall as a manufacturer because they produce so many different types of car, also trucks, buses and they have domina...
Mercedes vs BMW
I love BMW but, I'd choose Mercedes G Class over any BMW SUV I'd buy Audi station wagon if I needed one. And can't decide between S-Class and newest 7er
Mercedes vs BMW
why not?
fucking 18 yo fuck my life
who needs OT when you have such inferno as a decider
You must hadn't watched ESL One Katowice 15 final...
Danish B-Team
valde k0nfig natosaphix karrigan blamef
What CS roster would you bring back?
Well, I feel like VP was the only team, which would stop Astralis nowadays. Danes had always problem against VP on nuke
VR is great tbh, boxing took 1 hour from my life :D If you like Fortnite, you will be satisfied, there is a huge Fortnite sector with ~150 computers. Just sit and play. In breaks, you can visit 'Wedel...