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top 10 in tier 5 that is.
Changes in CSGO
I think the problem is that there is no answear. People making cheats are always gonna come up with new ideas much faster than games can fix them. Sadly this goes for all games
Changes in CSGO
How do you intend to fix VAC? Steam does get alot of cheaters and update VAC often. But people selling the cheats are also updating them alot so there is no way for steam to fix VAC. What's your ide...
"Superstar" Team
YOu did not include fer or rain. wtf.
favourite pros
Rain, mixwell. f0rest, stewie2k and NAF :)
forgot JDM. your list is shit :)
Putting hen1 and kng lol. no jugi, mixwell, deadfox ? YOu have no clue
Well, BTC has a cap on 23M right ? I do see how we can trade at 0,0003 n stuff if it goes SKYHIGH (which seems unlikely). But at the current cap the world wont go over to BTC. Surely Bitcoin wil d...
Top 5 players? (your country)
thanks :- )
teams that can beat sk after changes
Sure :)
teams that can beat sk after changes
The worst post award for 2017 goes to... versie !!!
Top 5 players? (your country)
1. Rain 2. Cromen 3. Rubino 4. Radifaction / kalle 5. Radifaction / kalle
Thorin's logic
Well he says its because of their win % against Tier 1 teams. So Basicly it means they loose less maps than SK vs good people. I cann see why he would rank it like that. But if we measure in pure 1 p...
The Future of CS
ITs a shit gun. who even cares about negev ? It does nto make an impact in the competetive scene what so ever. Cs in general has always been simple. Easy to play, Really hard to master. They wont go...
The Future of CS
I do see what you're saying. But i think you're wrong.