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FInally. They r not fans if they aint around anymore :) Lets go faze ! ^_^
FaZe fan
Rain was sick the entire time and olof had a bad tournament. Shit happens. GG wp by SK and VP :)
Lol. Clearly bait but its okay. Rain is the most consitent guy on the team. look at the rating through 12 months :) Faze needs time. SK had a down period aswell but they're strong AF now because FER s...
Be fan = cheering for winners.
pff.. troll.
Be fan = cheering for winners.
lol, Your logic is the reason why you never will be a alpha in life. Your nickname checks out tho
Where are the Faze fans now?
Faze Fans have been there from the start and stick with Faze always. Not shitkids whoo cheers for the team in first place. They r trolls. SK fanz are the worst by a longshot even tho they have great ...
Be fan = cheering for winners.
Nope. A fan cheers for a team when they suck aswell. Kid logic like yours dosent count :)
Be fan = cheering for winners.
So you never were a fan then :^) 0/8 bait logic :-)
Be fan = cheering for winners.
Faze fan since 2016-01-20 GG wp SK :)
Where are the Faze fans now?
lol, most of those threads a trolls and not even faze fans. BRazil is the top toxic community in the world.
Where are the Faze fans now?
Faze fan right here! GG WP SK :) When FER is on TOP SK wins games, thats just how it is.
FaZe roster change needed
yeah... no.
fer wtf ?
G2 haters
SLump since they made the clan? They r a superteam with some of the best players in every role. They play like dogshit compared to how they actually can play.
SK will be #1 again!
If FER steps up like the beast he is they will be equal and might win :)