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Your salary? :D
I just spent 40 euros at Peppes for a pizza & coke :(
My profile is rly old
Study in Norway
PISA rankings are for high schools, aren't they - not Uni's?
Chicago Bulls all day! Hopefully Rose will come back into his own (we saw what he can still do vs. Portland)! Very excited for Butler, a lock for the All-Star game this year, and Mirotic (so much bett...
Sweden vs Norway
Absolutely, but next time around just keep in mind that whoever does this probably spends quite a bit of time with everyone who's playing at a high level in given country - same thing when people make...
Sweden vs Norway
m1kkis, phinen, slickb, Mystic, centeks, baseraper, stig, firesenz, cromen. So.. everyone bar two players were more or less inactive at the time, nor are they better than the two mentioned. Gallaxy...
Sweden vs Norway
Alright, I'll bite, name all 10 who are better & were active during the time the team was selected - do the same with maak while you're at it.
ZZCY vs Nface.GM
I'll be streaming the game (if they ever get the GOTV to work) in English at - not doing any PBP, just casually analysing the game.
ZZCY vs Nface.GM
If the GOTV IPs are public, I'll probably stream the games if there's any interest.
CS:S history?
Yeah, I wouldn't qualify them as legends based on their results (but longevity also plays a tiny part in my eyes), but I wouldn't consider nooky a legend (or any german player from CSS) either, even t...
CS:S history?
Can't recall the exact lineup, but mTw won i-series 28 or 29 IIRC (and did well at shgOpen)
CS:S history?
Depends on how far back you want to go, mEJIn/hossa probably had fairly similar success to nooky
I haven't been in a team since I played in H2k, and we never got to the point where we planned on going to events, so I'm not sure what you're talking about. The only encounter I've really had with a ...
Dignitas vs HellRaisers
Yup, I actually wasn't aware he still played.. but it's wantz, he doesn't need that much time to be insane.