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(18+) Worst Country That Borders Yours?
americans? wtf??
I did three years in an American school, grade 6,7 and 8. I learned geography in grade 7 and 8 that i learned two years later in the Canadian system after. If that was the case, your phrase would ac...
usa come here
Kebab shop
usa come here
First 911 call completed was in February 1968. So no. Easiest google research of your life. Nice b8.
(Netflix) TV Show Suggestions
If you liked Vikings, it's a bit different but! The last kingdom I'm on Knightfall at the moment about templars and shit, worth a watch if you like those kind of shows
New VP lineup
I would actually not be suprised is ex-spacesoldiers become virtus pro...
THICC (18+)
Maybe where you're from sure.
fuck school
You know me bud?
fuck school
I KNOW RIGHT LMAO When I was 15 they would call snowdays because there was 20 to 30 cm's of snow and roads were dangerous, the fact that it was -40 didn't matter one bit. GET AMPUTATED LOL Wear a ho...
csgo fans [COME]
I think it would be interesting, but more along the lines of " A Day in __________ Shoes" Like to see what NiKo/S1mple/Cold's daily routine is, how they get ready for matches, their warmup rituals /...
Your mouse settings...
Mouse accel and raw input you should also add sometimes. Depending on how I feel, sometimes I play with mouse accel on.
CSGO Update will come in 2 hours!!!
Scorpion or Subzero , Ryu or Ken
Scorpion Ryu
Do you support gay marriage?
Do you support gay marriage?
To show their commitment and devotion to one another?