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MiBR situation
The root of the issue with MIBR is comms, even though they say it isn't, there's a lot of plays where you can see that it's a language problem. You have two Muricans playing with 3 Brazilians and it's...
Why you keep answering then?
Stay in school.
You have some severe autism. You read it and it's the only purpose here. Because his great grand parents were hungarian doesnt make him hungarian. God i hope you're not in your 20's cause that's just ...
Do you not have history classes in Ukraine? He was born and raised in Slovakia. He might have a hungarian blood line sure, considering the way the country was devided up in the 1920's it's likely sure...
Enjoy your prostate cancer.
I rate your setup
G603 IS TRASH THERE'S A REASON WHY IT'S CHEAPER. The mouse is way too heavy when you put the batteries in. Get the G403 Wireless. It's the same as the G703 except you don't have the logitech powerpla...
G403 vs G603 vs G703
Like someone else said, the ONLY difference between a 403 and 703 wireless versions is that the 703 has the powerplay feature. If you buy a logitech mousepad with that function it charges your mouse w...
You make a valid point there good sir.
G403 vs G603 vs G703
I have a wired G403 and a G703. Literally bought the 703 because my local store didn't have the wireless 403 in stock. I've never had a more comfortable mouse for my grip, I replaced my work mouse wit...
I disagree, but I respect your opinion.
I don't know man, TaZ at the end was just not there. Always bottom fragging his in-game leading was OKAY but not extraordinary, I just feel like Snax and Snatchie together could be interesting
Am I the only VP fan here that thinks VP should take Snax back and kick Morelz?
g403 > ec2-b
This guy gets it. It's all the same difference, go with what you prefer. THE ONLY REASON zowie is a bit better IMO is because you don't have to install ANY software. Other than that... do what thi...