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chat going so fast no one will notice im gay
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Why are the viewing numbers so low
It's the teams playing. PGL had tons of Ruski and Brazil fans (which there are a LOT of) and eleague had FaZe and C9 who probably at that time had some of the largest fanbases if not the largest. This...
America PogChamp
unluko my friend
does anyone study home?
If you are in high school don't even think about it.
5 man premade scrims without paywall?
Dumb Kids
I was the real prokda all along All the czech ones were fake
Do you really care what HLTV thinks about your shit country cmonBruh it's HLTV.
I got a thing for you big man, stop fakeflagging. No need to be ashamed of your shit country
Survey help
np, some i could understand, but some were too hard
Grand Finals Bo3?! WHY?!
Please shut the fuck up with that major grandfinals should have 5 maps, it would be boring. 3 is the best
I do not know who to cheer for?
I don't like either team so I'm just hoping for good CS.
Clip pls I haven't opened the stream yet cuz DelayStrike Global Offensive
Grand Finals Bo3?! WHY?!
bo5 is boring as ufck
Most are 16 or higher, including your country (if you aren't fakeflagging). Making you a pedo. Maybe you can still edit the comment and replace the 15 with 16 to make it less weird.
poland lul
Typical Polish behavior.
pc build
Wtf yeah nah that's a problem bro. Take out the fans and get a nice SSD like #1 said. I'm sure your case will come with stock ones that will do the job fine. How can you spend over 1k but not buy an ...