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chat going so fast no one will notice im gay
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English-speaking come here
are you fuck you wtf are you want men i are not think that
Legend Stage Predictions
Renegades won't go 3-0 LUL. I really think if they play their best game they could maybe make it to playoffs though.
+16 Russian Fallout , Bioshok, Metro
looks cool
Indians, why?????
So how are they worse exactly? statistics please. What makes them worse than India? is it salaries? is it life expectancy? etc.
Indians, why?????
Which country in Europe is worse than India? I'd love to know. He's probably hiding his flag because he lives in one of the worse European countries but they're all better than India.
Indians, why?????
Any country in Europe is better than India, even Ukraine/Moldova lul. Just facts, no need to get triggered.
1440p vs 1080p
Yeah I'll just wear sandals to school thanks moose.
1440p vs 1080p
IC. Was only interested because it was on sale. Might just buy shoes instead cuz I need new ones lul
1440p vs 1080p
I don't expect to play at 144fps in most games. The monitor is curved, just like my current one.
1440p vs 1080p
What I meant to ask was, is this worth an upgrade? or should I wait till 4k gaming becomes more mainstream and just jump straight to 4k. I have a gtx1070 so I can't really buy a 4k monitor if I want t...
Where can I get free food & housing? Please tell I want to move there.
Tsm tarik and smooya
android has always been 1000000x better than yay wtf are you on about lmao they were even going to replace yay with s0m when he hadn't played shit
NIP and Fnatic to new legend stage
mad swede xDDDDD
One thing that I know that 100% was much cheaper in the UK and in every other country that we lived in compared to Australia was Network & TV . Whether it's home broadband, TV channels/online streamin...
Using Australia is not that great of an example. Our housing markets are pretty expensive and unstable. One thing that is good is that regardless of where you are, whether your house is expensive or c...