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chat going so fast no one will notice im gay
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Ropz God and cold god
Go ahead. Pretty sure the word pussy is warranted when you make fun of someone's dead family.
Ropz God and cold god
lul mad cuz ur gonna get banned?
Ropz God and cold god
No...btw reported u because I'm pretty sure admins can still see your edited comments. Death is not a thing to joke about.
Ropz God and cold god
I saw your comment nt
IMO the best ones for me were still from cold, fallen & fer. The ropz one was really touching too. I'd say fer's was the best one out of them all. I don't like him as a player but fully respect him an...
iphone=richs; android=poors???
Three days later and this is still baiting people LMAO GOOD JOB
Top 10 countrys
I enjoyed it bro. It's just that I enjoy Aus a lot more. You're really lucky that you live in the country because I cannot stress this enough how small and cramped everything was in the cities. Traff...
Top 10 countrys
Yeah the UK isn't bad. I lived in Coventry and visited Birmingham, London, Manchester & I also visited a family member but don't remember in what city. No offense but compared to Aus...UK is a joke fo...
Top 10 countrys
There's more green is what I meant. Like I said at the end I think Aus is much more beautiful than the UK in every regard except for greenery. Everything else I said was kinda BS since I used the wron...
Germans come here plz
sounds like everything else in the german language tbh no offense
Top 10 countrys
prove it or I kiss you
Tell me your internet speed + price per month
That doesn't provide a reasonable excuse as to why anyone in the East Coast of Australia should be running an ADSL2+ connection in 2018. The NBN project is the biggest fucking joke in Australian histo...
Tell me your internet speed + price per month
In the EU it's a given that they will have better speeds. Geography simply cannot allow Aus to come close to Europe but the fact that we have it SO BAD compared to even a country like yours is sad. Wh...
Tell me your internet speed + price per month
To say Australia's internet is third world is insulting to third world countries. Sad that such a huge thing gets overlooked entirely by the scum government. Location is not an excuse when NZ can pump...
opinions on xxx and lil peeps song?
X ruins the song. Remove every single word he says and you have a good song.