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Animal by Countries
:( Sorry babe. What kind do you find in Aus? I live in Perth but I never heard of these pedophile priests 'that you only ind in Australia'. Like what's the difference between an Aussie predator and an...
Animal by Countries
that's worldwide buddy
Animal by Countries
what you mean he need colgate his teeth yellow??? how he meant to hunt if his teeth rot
Animal by Countries
still hygiene is important 4 big cats someone send him a toothbrush and some colgate
Animal by Countries
he needs to brush his teeth
How many comments do u have?
Não tem como
no one cares what u think
Animal by Countries
Canada : Moose New Zealand : Kiwi Pakistan : My dad's asshole
Keys with ? won't work lol nt
Good Or Evil?
I could have avoided so many bad situations if I decided to be evil instead of good :/
Liquid vs SK
Matches have started at this time since day one...
nice hltv
Noice Team pages look better now too.
Nah I think the wars in places like Syria east are all political and for power and not for religion. Religion is just what they use to gather followers and send a message. Problem with Muslims in my e...
That's not really anything to do with Islam but instead religion. I know some Christians who also act like that, fucking boring to have a conversation because 'god this' 'god that'.
Yeah because we are Sunni Muslims. Shia Muslims are more aggressive but HLTV doesn't know the difference so I just roll with it. Our problem in Pakistan is not terrorism but corruption in our governme...