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chat going so fast no one will notice im gay
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Pc specs
I don't really understand either. The RX570 is the same price but 60% faster which is an insane amount.
Ok you're just baiting me. Well done.
Because it's quite cheaper which makes up for the performance difference. Especially when you go into the fact that with the 8700k you have to buy a cooler which makes it even more expensive.
I was replying to ''or will they be absolute garbage like everything they've made before''. I'd say even 2nd gen Ryzen is better value than most from 9th gen Intel. 2700x vs 9900k = $341 more for 20%...
How was Ryzen 2nd gen garbage? The 2700x here is $100 cheaper than the 8700k while the 8700k is only %8 faster overall. It also comes with an included cooler that isn't that bad, the 8700k doesn't. D...
Weather where you live
Canberra LUL
just 6 hrs...
It's already Jan 20th in some parts of Australia :) How does it feel to live in the past?
Your phone?
Galaxy S8
Weather where you live
Fairly warm for winter don't you think?
Cheapest country you have been too
Pretty much any third world country is cheap.
Cheapest country you have been too
I lived in Coventry and it was ok but Birmingham was really damn dirty and shit, London was the same and overcrowded. Didn't really go to any other cities except a few towns which were actually pretty...
Weather where you live
Dayum fam u ok?
Cheapest country you have been too
But everything else was a shithole 😎
Cheapest country you have been too
Ice cream trucks were 🔥🔥🔥 in the UK.