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Nexus vs Next Generation
what a joke by nexus
nice plska take my money today two times
Virtus.pro vs Space Soldiers
neo run in like silver 2 with p90
Virtus.pro vs Space Soldiers
pls i get aids if i see vp playing DISBANN
Virtus.pro vs Space Soldiers
Round over - Winner: CT (0-1) - Enemy eliminated Calyx killed byali with usp_silencer (headshot) DESPE killed pashaBiceps with usp_silencer (headshot) byali killed MAJ3R with p250 (headshot) DESPE kil...
Nexus vs WASD
gj lose vs pistel lose game
G2 vs OpTic
gay2 to gay
G2 vs OpTic
friberg killed kennyS with ak47 (headshot) HS killed shox with cz75a shox killed mixwell with ak47 mixwell killed apEX with cz75a apEX killed Magisk with ak47 friberg killed bodyy with deagle Magisk k...
FaZe vs Gambit
go fuck you self faze you play kike silver 1 WTF
North Academy vs Red Reserve
Round over - Winner: CT (15-17) - Bomb defused gade defused the bomb b0RUP killed Relaxa with inferno gade killed FREDDyFROG with inferno Relaxa killed mertz with awp b0RUP killed PlesseN with ak47 Re...
North Academy vs Red Reserve
Round over - Winner: T (15-13) - Enemy eliminated djL killed b0RUP with ak47 djL killed gade with ak47 (headshot) djL planted the bomb (1on2) djL killed mertz with ak47 (headshot) mertz killed Bååten ...
North Academy vs Red Reserve
nice joke north to bad 4 t5 schweden but rekt türkys OK
Space Soldiers vs aAa
HAHAHAHHA kill you self shit aaa throw vs ttfu und now 11 rounds shit chees animals
Fragsters vs eXtatus
fragster nice forcebuy throws
aAa vs TTFU
AAA = ass ass ass