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Astralis in this major
Allu is DAD ATM!
Bahrain...such a sick country tbh
thats what im talking about just saying if trump was the president of the us in the obama period things would change now...
not really i just wonder why trump didnt showed up instead of retarded obama
mad for what property?ahahahah
#79 iraqi trying to act nice xddd
suleymany is a pussy like rest of iraqi people hiding in his cave rn go visit him and jerk off together xdd
can u?and btw we did and will do it again watch and learn babe ^^
thats not revolution its a normal day in radical muslim terrority =))).just change the game mode to deadmatch and finish yourself,make world a better place^^
let this retard alone he cant undrestand the word "peace"
very good my freind you sleeping with a strap under ur pillow?indeed you are doing something that a human cant do,i feel you
outta words wanna trashtalk?im not getting triggerd by these shits can argue with a retarded arap whole day brah,and yeah nobody likes iran gov and so do we,but go and research how many countries give...
you fucked us up roflmafo get outta u cave m8 xD,with whole military support around the world and chemical attack (yeah u were the first animals on planet attacked civilan population by chemical gas)u...
yeah check the flag feeding ur ass give my money back and we're good,the only civilization u had was killing and raping each other and still it is,you getting what u deserved