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First date
Believe me, I would pay for her as well probably. Since I would be the one to ask. Its just that I am annoyed that some girls think they are automatically privileged to be paid for, just because they ...
First date
No? She wants to be there too, otherwise she wouldnt have come with me at all. Unless im specifically saying I can pay, she should never think that she'll get a free meal just because she is the girl.
First date
Im serious! xD
First date
Better yet, just take the girl to some park or so, or just go for a walk. You'll have a lot to talk about anyway. Skips all the "who's paying?" bullshit. Although if you really need to go and eat, it...
your nick in csgo
Fnatic +19
They won a bo3 versus #1 and #6 team in the world, which surely gives more points than other matches.
hello stupid losers
So, you're bragging about having a laptop, about 140 USD of loose cash, and a beer beside you? And not only that, but there are big red letters reading "Love" on top of your TV-table.
Nothing of what you said made any sense whatsoever
[18+] No alcohol weekend
If its a problem that you cant have any alcohol in the weekend, you have a problem.
Dreamhack 1999
The legendary milk-drinker
Girl spit on me
Clubs are weird, but also very nice. But you should always go with someone. And dont go approaching random sluts at the bar or something. Clubbing is really not the way to find a potential partner xD ...
28 yo had first sex
Eeeey, gratz bro! Im happy that you finally got it down, you must feel good now <3
[18+] Drink Monster to last longer
How long is "Much longer"? Lasting has never been an issue for me but I would like to know anyway
(+18) Diletta Leotta
She looks like every blonde instagram chick ever. Thats a 6/10 for me
Girl spoke to me
Dude, whaaaat??????? Thats so cool. Congrats bro!!!! Big ups :D