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How to kiss a girl
I was so sick and tired of getting turned down and basically ignored by a girl I used to date, so I went into the dating game again, not giving a single fuck about what happened. It was suddenly so ea...
How to kiss a girl
If you've got a girl that you are in love with and that you think would perhaps like you, then get up to her, tell her the truth, and go in for the kiss. If she doesnt approve, who the hell cares abou...
ChrisJ about d0c
You are not very intelligent, are you? Just because they hate that he is playing video games doesnt mean they have forbidden him from doing it. As I said, they are religious, and perhaps they can cope...
ChrisJ about d0c
Docc's parents are deeply religious, and basically HATES that he is playing computer games. They cannot accept that people can make 20k a month from gaming nor would they ever accept if he became a pr...
Books worth reading
if you read Metro 2033, you must read 2034 (my personal favorite) and 2035. Otherwise, I suppose you like books of that kind, then also read by Dmitrij Gluchovskij. Have fun! I certainly was...
Gay is not normal proof
It would be better for earth if more people were gay. We don't need to overpopulate the earth more now. Humans have simply conquered over evolution, I thought that was a very simple thing to understan...
pros with a shit haircut
Your mom can go sleep in garbage)))
banned live faceit
Lmao get rekt onliner
I did it
Wise decision. Hope this trash kids game will die.
3 years of lifting and running, no six pack
Either you run or you lift weights, dont do both. Wanna get a six pack and build muscles? Eat A LOT and solely lift heavy weights. Don't do so much cardio, it burns your muscles away. Also, make sur...
switch bodies
Some porn star (Woman) who is trained to last for a long time and have multiple orgasms. Would be cool to experience the raw pleasure.
PAPERPLANES vs Epiphany Bolt
ez 4 draco malfoy
sex with 10/10 or 5/10
Nah mate got a beatiful girlfriend, all real and stuff. You should get one too.
Your Job
Mail order business. I also like it a lot because you get to do things your own way, meet a lot of people and make them happy, be physically active and be outside 3-4h a day in the nice weather. Im q...
18 bday today ama
Expected from Finland