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juliano committed suicide
rip in peace
STOP with this juliano shit
juliano is so delicate and cute, she like a flower
Asterion vs Property
Appearenty, he was. :)
Asterion vs Property
yeah, thats amazing. I have always wanted to see him compete
are you older than your gf?
Yea 1 year, 18. That's the ideal age imo
NiP will loose to North
so, why u so stupid? i didn't got it, why? nip TOP 0 IN THE GALACTIC< ALWAYS. FOR EVER. jesus christ, are u kidding me friburg? these teams like sk c9 tier 45, the north aswell, can't stop laughin'..
Sweden Needs Trump
It's okay, the social democrats have literally "closed" the borders now anyway. Now ahead of us lies the problem of educating and giving all these immigrants a chance to succeed.
coldzera in your language?
RES vs Keyd Stars fe
Most of their pictures are over a year old and in shitty quality. Hltv doesnt care about female cs as much, so that's why no one bothers changing it.
Dignitas fe vs RES
I'm sure she stepped down for other reasons.
Dignitas fe vs Squared Prospects
Could never have imagined that Squared would be here. But they're certainly on the run. Let's hope they can take it all the way
Squared Prospects vs Keyd Stars fe
Why vegan exist
Omg, is this real? Someone who doesn't think the forest is "the lungs of earth"? I salute you, people like us are very rare.
Pro players smoking?
Professional CS player = someone who lives solely from gaming income. Doesn't have much to do with whether they can win vs certain teams or not.
describe csgo with one word.