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Kinguin vs Red Reserve
Qbf won't give a fuck they are guaranted to be qual. First or second place doesn't matter here.
Kinguin vs Red Reserve
Rofl this is so obvious xD.
Vexed vs GameAgents
I bet on game agent..... Edit: They finally paid.
Vexed vs GameAgents
Pinnacle would say that the match is under review first. If they don't it's just a mistake and they forgot. I have been using them for years, i will just tweet them in 10 minutes if it isn't done. The...
Vexed vs GameAgents
Still waiting for pinnacle to send me my money.
Kinguin vs Red Reserve
They already flunked the playoff, they don't give a fuck + the possibility of making some ez money ^^.
Kinguin vs Red Reserve
If kinguin sweep this map better prepare your anus on map 2 ^^.
dating a friends ex?
Ask him directly if it would pose a problem then act accordingly. That way you will be sure.
r8 ass
Change the angle, remove the filter and you have a fatso average girl. What's next, you are going after the overweight cleaning lady in her fourties? If you do train regulary you are the one out of he...
eat right food?
A lot, if he ever cooked some chicken he would know he is saying shit. If my chicken was filled like that with water, not only the taste would be quiet different, but the cooking time and aroma would ...
eat right food?
Someone never cooked in his life apparently...
Wtf i saw 2 obvious lock there ^^.
Yeah i know, i was just typing my what i was thinking at the moment ^^. It's good to see people are aware and remember.
magisk gay??
To each his own, some people don't like fat girls or pickles. As long as he doesn't force his opinion on other it's ok. He is still a retard for giving a fuck about someone else sexual life.
Maybe because he is more comfortable with na'vi and the pay is good?