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It's an obvious bait zzzz, no one is retarded to that point. + He left on purpose the consent part and how mentally developped at wich age. Totally done on purpose to get a raise from this shit.
mousesports vs Epsilon
In your case it's Trdr.
Natus Vincere vs North
Well and that+ it's an esl event so it's free money. Shit is always so obvious i'm not watching the games anymore ^^.
mousesports vs Epsilon
Define what is crying? I only state the truth, and it looks like i'm right again isn't it. It's hard to cry when you win a bet anyway. But sorry for not being a mongoloid like you, suffice to look at...
mousesports vs Epsilon
Watch how differently mouse will play now.
Natus Vincere vs North
It's an esl event you can bet your money na'vi will win north's map pick if they lose their own :p.
mousesports vs Epsilon
Esl events, nothing unusual.
fnatic vs HellRaisers
Reverse map bet on esl event without even watching the fucking game/form etc. Ez profit 2 days in a row.
It's esl holding the strings, you can bet your ass on massive comebacks, upsets and a nice story line where one unexpected team emerge.
WESG with 1,5mil pp
Esport generates 20 billion euros + a year in unregulated bets. If you think those prize pool means jackshit in the face of what a lil magic results can get organised crimes :p. Afterall they had no ...
Oh look suddenly ldlc can't play for shit and the hometeam rape them. What a surprise.
Playing on homeground gave them a magical advantage ^^.
North vs Heroic
Esl event :)
mousesports vs HellRaisers
Good job esl.
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
That's what i implied here, we already had this discussion a few months ago btw.