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Hltv is filled with so much Alphas that this is considered fat and weak :

*fat old bum should keep his mouth shut honestly, i've choked guys out that were twice as fat as you are. old fuck never heard about technique and experience ever in his life. you also look like a fucking manlet, so i would probably not even be allowed to step in the ring with you, because i am such a huge mismatch for your fat manlet ass.*

Thank you Blessed_mma for those words
What a warrior you are^^.
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valve is dying
Then you checked how much they made last year....
gla1ve utilizes on aimlock (proof)
When your drawing is worse than a 8 y old kid.
Will Religion end us?
I just try to picture, if humanity still exist, what people will think of a concept such as religion in a few hundreds years.
Spain Election
Don't mind him at least i read what you typed and went ahead to verify it etc. Ty for the infos. whenever someone troll you, just tell yourself someone might come along and it might be usefull for the...
Yep, i totally agree with you. The guy is probably really happy you said crybaby, else he would have had nothing to hang after.
Haha me too ^^.
Espada vs SKADE
Ez picking nuke and this scenario to make as much as possible ^^.
Espada vs SKADE
The guy was literraly waiting in the smoke, you could see him one full sec before he even start shooting ^^.
Espada vs SKADE
Hahahaha that round.
EXTREMUM vs Izako Boars
boom ^^
EXTREMUM vs Izako Boars
The odds really showed it would be -2.5 lmao.
r8 Eminem's daughter
Nope wikipedia actually said the difference in the usa wasn't really noticeable. You are shorter even if you exclude them, deal with it. Excluding blacks won't help you much dick size wise anyway :p. ...
DUSTY vs seven
Just 2 rounds that left me confused, shit happens.
DUSTY vs seven
Wtf are they doing? Even throwers wouldn't be that bad lol.
Boombl4 gf Yeah i see, ty for wasting my time.