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holy crap, when u came to laugh at Fnatic and getting rekt(00
smix disrespectful
defective HLTV
happycrank aka terrible kid who's making non-stop retarded threads about "Ceh9 said".If u will see thread about Ceh9 know this is Happycrank from new account lul
S1mple will replace allu on faze and starix back
would be nice but unfortunately that's ur thoughts(
Ceh9 on fallen
crank when will be banned ur 10 accounts? are not u tired yet to make retarded false threads about Ceh9?
keyword "IF". But now there is a chaos of teamplay, no discipline. They're diyng 1 by 1 every single round, each plays for himself. ATM if Gambit will face Navi Gambit win 2-0.
yes I heard the interview. Anyway even without a rage they look like mix team withou teamplay. Gambit has more chances against teams like VP, Astralis cuz Zeus knows what to do unlike individual pushe...
rip vp
don't think so. Fnatic like Navi error 404 tactics not found
defective HLTV
Lul crank has 8-9 accounts and nothing
defective HLTV
only 2 accounts, I planed to throw this one cuz limit of change username 1time/1 month
better than error 404 tactics not found Fnatic and Navi. They almost look like old Navi 2016 before MLG Columbus. 0/8
You hate USA? Come here
I say being American is great, if you're not a dumb, who don't respect other nations. I don't like guys as the author cuz his patriotism more expressed in the enjoyment of the domination over other co...
they looks like 0.00000001 sensitivity, even mm players is better. Pug gameplay even worse than Fnatic
maybe they just didn't prepare inferno, but looks like godsent, no tactics, fpl mix gameplay. I don't think that they can go to the playoffs. Everything looks like Envy's way
SK Lucky
I totally agree