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mens))) are playing
Martin I'd really like to become a hltv mod or Match coverage admin. I sent an email 2 or 3 times but never got a response(( why ignore me((
Where do you wanna move/live?
Except Canada is way better to live in
Nemiga vs
Nemiga can never close out important games.. Every time they have a huge advantage and somehow manage to fuck it up
Where do you wanna move/live?
New Zealand/Canada/Australia I'd also like to experience living in New York for a while but only if I had actually good income
Russians Come
Stop lying lol the real average salary here is around 250$ a month and it's not enough for anything
country you'd like to be born in
New Zealand or Canada or Australia
r8 my clutches
I would play with u but I would probably have like 300+ ping on your local servers
r8 my clutches
Australian best accent of native English
easy read
damn u must be an amazing analyst Kappa
TV Shows Ranking
Good list check out Dark it's hella good, also The Haunting Of Hill House and Perfume is not bad
ALEX options?
EG instead of stan also +jks -tarik
nexa = most underrated player?
blameF is a very good fragger, no doubt. But I can't judge his IGL abilities
nexa = most underrated player?
I've heard some bits of their TeamSpeak and it's already enough for me to determine he's not so good. Same with Zeus, he is probably the most overrated IGL of all time. He has never been good but for ...
nexa = most underrated player?
Aleksib is overrated as hell
r8 alabama girl
quite good but not my type.