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Can you fix me life
1. eat more 2. exercise more this will help your energy levels.
most sexy girls in europe by country - top 5
the very best of our women are selected for TV. the others are fat, lazy and spend their time piss drunk whoring around to get attention.
sweden - god tierr country?
"-multi cultural" aka highest rape rates in european history, carbombs going off every week and literal NO-GO ZONES in stockholm and malmo. i think you mean *allah tier country
most sexy girls in europe by country - top 5
trust me dude. not britain. all of the hot girls here are eastern european and chinese/japanese university students.
South Africa wtf
/\ same
South Africa wtf
fuck the muslims. europe should be taking in white south african refugees and syrian christians.
South Africa wtf
i know people who had to leave from south africa in the 90s because it was not safe for white people. many whites (including people in their family) were getting killed at farms and shot while waiting...
South Africa wtf
yeah its real. look up Lauren Southern South Africa documentary.
done it a few times; here's my explanation. nothing for about 20/30 mins then all of a sudden you start noticing colours and nature. and then you feel really happy affectionate towards people (for ex...
Best car under $70k
1. dodge challenger 2. lamborghini gallardo 3. nissan skyline gtr r34
Best car under $70k
Best car under $70k
savage dude
Communism is top 1 !!! !!!
capitalism = some unsuccessful people starve. people have a reason to work hard. communism = everyone starves. no reason to work hard because you will come out exactly the same as everyone else no ma...
lmao u niggas getting yeeted