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Brazil hahahahahahha
Argentina CBs are still looking for Gabriel Jesus since Copa América semi finals LUL
Brazil hahahahahahha
"nobody remembers that and made that into a meme" Argentina irrelevant confirmed.
Prettiest Brasil places (with streetview)
Sabe o que o argentino tem mais que o brasileiro? TEM MAIS É QUE SE FUDER!
Prettiest Brasil places (with streetview)
Gramado is beautiful, but not the best place to live. Life cost is high since it is one of the most targeted cities to visit in the entire country.
Prettiest Brasil places (with streetview)
I wonder what you did to the guy for him to call you "a fucking moron". People are strange these days...
HenryG sexuality ?
Nice to meet you, Mr. Sexuality Inspector.
5k dgl @faceit
The 2 last headshots were good, and that's it. Your movement sucks, sorry.
Favorite DS games?
The touch screen rarely plays a big part in most of the games, and when it does, it definitely adds some interesting stuff. The World Ends With You has a sick gameplay based on the touchscreen.
Favorite DS games?
Order of Ecclesia is in the same level of SOTN. Every single Castlevania based in 2D exploration is insanely good, and if you have a DS Lite you can enjoy the GBA versions too! Aria of Sorrow and Harm...
Motm is the motm
Alexandra Daddario on your bed
I would invite her to play Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.
170cm midgets come here
171cm 110 kg 30yo Small, fat and old, but who cares? lol
Logitech G302 - 560 dpi / 2 sens Perfect for me.
FaZe vs Evil Geniuses
Coldzera is like a wall on CT side. This 4k was a show of positioning and good aim.
can you rate me? and help as well
You should always remember that there is nothing wrong with you. What you need to discover is what makes you think you will be judged, then you should decide if you want to change that and try to be w...