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mouz nex?
Yeah, bring back spiidi and denis too!!
what is gamersclub
You can play for free, or subscribe to a premium account, which allows you to play in the tournaments and other stuff. EDIT: Despite being a very stable and a good platform overall, the skill level i...
Your individual skill should make your team win something, in that point device is waaaay ahead s1mple.
Device = Modric
Thanks for lowering down the level of the posts... cya
Device = Modric
Man, the Messi x Ronaldo is the complete oposite. Ronaldo needs his team to give him the ball to score. You won't see him back in the midfield carrying the ball and dribbling everyone, all the way to ...
Device = Modric
s1mple is a huge talented, but reckless player, who overcommits and overpeeks most of the time. The point is that s1mple's raw skill is so high, that even he does a tactical mistake, he will probably ...
Top 20 and krimz
9th best rating in Big Events 2018 with 94 maps played. he will probably be 11th. The other 2 between him and Oskar are probably Twistzz and Guardian.
Master League grind
PES2019 is miles better than 18, and is totally worth playing. Different from the last years, it now seems a real competitor to FIFA.
Master League grind
Yeah, PES/ISS was the EU and US name, while the JP and BR names used to be Winning Eleven. WE10 was the besterestest
Fallen is better than gla1ve both mechanically and as IGL, but 2018 was the best year of gla1ve's carreer, and the worst for Fallen.
Hltv top 20, #18
Top 10 is pretty much decided... Astralis 5, s1mple, electronic, NAF, Coldzera and Niko. And we still have Elige, Twistzz, Oskar, Guardian, Fallen, KRIMZ, autimatic... Tarik is not even close to the ...
Hltv top 20, #18
Tarik has a major MVP, so he will probably be in the top 20, but had awful performances for the rest of the year. I think the 18th will be him, because he can't be higher placed than this.
i hate my country so much
Free trade is a consequence of globalization, you can't trade with a country that you don't have good relationship with. And the borders aren't a free pass to anyone as you think. If I decide to go G...
i hate my country so much
Assuming you are really Swiss, you should thank the heavens every single day for the world being globalized. Your country can't produce food enough to feed its own people.
i hate my country so much
Yeah, you did count every single person, right? Otherwise you just got this info from your ass. The world is becoming even more globalized, stop this bullshit and do something productive for your cou...