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2nd hand PC worth it?
In 2017, my PC toasted in an electric discharge, and I had near to no money in the moment to replace it. So I decided to search for used parts, and got a decent i5 2400 + Gigabyte B75 + 8GB DDR3 + GT...
Vertigo and why it's the best map
Vertigo seems to be finally fixed. The changes in the mid section and B site were great and the map is now stable.
Summit_6: You ruined it
Yep. It was the first one of their insane run in the first half of 2017.
Summit_6: You ruined it
The very first cs_summit was a godlike tournament! Good teams, good casters, a lot of jokes and funny moments during the transmissions.
fer just spoke truth
If you are a high skilled 2 time major champion, with a ton of other trophies and individual achievements, you don't need to prove or explain nothing to people, specially when you win the game. Fer i...
fer just spoke truth
You don't need to stay quiet, you can do like TACO in the video I mentioned.
And that's exactly what FURIA tried to do...
And this is one the things that makes him a jerk.
fer just spoke truth
You can have a strong position without being a stupid guy talking shit late in the night. Just look, I don't even think that the players from FURIA did something for fer to create such mess: https:/...
fer just spoke truth
It's just stupid to open a stream to talk shit to other people about a game that you won in straight and dominant fashion. He just sounded cocky, specially when he says that you can't compare FURIA w...
Tá tiltadasso hahahahaha
Best Match in CS:GO History BO5 with all 5 maps played, and the last one got into overtime; A ton of highlights from both teams; great exhibit...
fnatic vs Movistar Riders
Just too ez for steelegend.
Current top 10...
Why LAN events would be a parameter for 2020? Can you tell me one reason?