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Mia Khalifa
Damn your that fat huh? Id say the same about you but you've already done the job for me
Mia Khalifa
YOUR DOING IT AGAIN I FUCKING LOVE IT. Take a rest on the keyboard you skinny twat before you break a knuckle
Imperial vs Kinguin call a 5-1 lead a throw
Mia Khalifa
Yet you cant let it go yourself. Still showing your a hypocrite <3
Mia Khalifa
You are honestly the most adorable brittle little manchild i have ever had a conversation with. Be careful of the steps when you go outside, retard
Mia Khalifa
hahahahahahaha. So much hypocrisy.
YOUR JUST HATING ON HADOKEN... Oh god what a fucking name, no wonder he thought you were a hater, cunts probably 12
rallen TOXIC
nah, he just knows they cant win with their own skill so he has to get in the heads of imperial. Still didnt work out for him kek
Mia Khalifa
Your in no position to say using a search engine is hard when you cant even prove your own statements. Do you get your education from a mosque?
Mia Khalifa
Can you imagine if your retardation was actually correct? Why do you think teachers TEACH and dont tell the students to find everything out that they questioned them on their own every single time. Oh...
Mia Khalifa
Hes not the one that needs to. If you tell me 2+2=6 its not my fucking job to find out if your right
Mia Khalifa
or you could prove your claim and link it to him
Imperial vs Kinguin
Imperial vs Kinguin
kinguin scream like fucking retards. God i hope they get raped next map
Smallest scene in CS?