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Infamous vs Cyclone
how does it do
Infamous vs Cyclone
Why does he have to tell us his Bowl Movement is real. I guess so that we know he is a real shitter, and don't mistake him for an up and comer or someone actually good. Thanks for keeping it real mr...
AGO vs Virtus.pro
New AGO vs old AGO lol furlan and gruby are better than byali and snax at this point, VP will have bad luck for abandoning their muscle
3dmax +1.5 maps is free $ without stressing
yes you do, they are just in OUR countries. You have regugees, but they EMIGRATED this is the opposite of IMMIGRATED, you have refugees they just live in our countries.
stretch marks
that sounds kind of gross why did you lose all the muscle
stretch marks
you can't really get rid of them unless time does it...if you were born ripped you don't get them, if you got them from lifting you get them cool places like biceps that everyone knows means ur ripped...
what happened on twitter that they r asking stunna about
Which country do you hate the most?
it was a joke based on economics, not capitalism, there is a big difference. Sorry the joke went over your head. You blame NA like everything the UFC does is somehow "NA's fault", well that is just r...
Which country do you hate the most?
well, they say you vote with your wallet. So you and all of the people that feel like you could boycott UFC...then the massive $120 dollars they lost might teach them to change their ways!
-device when???
Account created 2018 lol
-device when???
Omg reading this makez me wanna invent a time machine, go back in time and punch his. Mom in stomach to abort him. When I come back to future his family would thank me! Pwnnewb been here for years s...
OpTic vs BIG
Tizian needs to go. I wouldn't call him failed experiment but wouldn't call him successful one either
I'm not old enough to vote but I feel berning on my penis I think it's herpes
Still here. That isn't racist coment, it's in the context of eminem.