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how to keep up my diet
-1 I found some corn in your mums when I was eating it. Had to charge her double
proof they are removing the wrong player. AleksiB is the IGL that made ENCE good. xseveN needs to be removed instead of AleksiB
INTZ on major
Exactly this is my point I have been watching CSGO for over 20 years and I am over 60 years old I have wached sports of every kind for all the years. Back in my day going to a Major MEANT SOMETHING bu...
Astralis vs NiP
I trust him his aim is amasing. Do u like to smell your own fart? I do. Well some of the scents, but i dont know good from bad until i taste If so what is your favorite scent, and what is your favor...
Complexity vs MIBR
Complexity is all red record no green. At this rate it will be a miracle if they dont get 2-0d and win a map at all...complexity and BIG both looked cool and then did good and now they both have been ...
AVANGAR vs eUnited
ez for them to lose in OT and make me EZ money for my AVANGAR bet
AVANGAR vs eUnited
I like this eUnited roster I think they can upset some teams, but AVANGAR is solid LAN players. eUnited might get 1 upset this event considering they will be underdog this whole event. but they wont...
ORDER vs Breakaway
I'm more into tossing salads than kissing them but if thats your thing I bet we could work something out! BTW I bet you don't know much about EZ wins but I'll teach u 1 second https://i.imgur.com/uS...
How much old man?
ORDER vs Breakaway
you deserve to have lost that bet
Liquid vs FaZe
real Liquid fans after 11-2 winning pistol armor buy "FUCK YA maybe can get a 11-4 Half, win the pistol, we got this comeback" future faze fans and future fake ex-Liquid fans after 12-2 "I wonder how...
Infamous vs Cyclone
how does it do