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Sweden is a mess
The Muslim population today is around 15 % (1,5 million). With current Muslim mass immigration and high birth rate they will eventually be in majority, it's just a matter of time.
Gambit vs Immortals
The only team to challenge Immortals here was Astralis. Sadly Gambit had the game of their lives in the semi just to fall back to their normal standards in the finals.
Gambit vs Astralis
fnatic played like crap while Gambit had a very good game and some fluke. Astralis is something way different than fnatic
Gambit vs Astralis
Let's see if Gambit can get more than 15 rounds in total over the series
Znajder will always be a problem and pronax is too weak. This team will never be a consistent top team
Swedistan and benefits.
It's true. The law they are referring to is about harder rules for relatives immigration, which will also have a retroactive affect. In clear words they are complaining about not being able to unite w...
1.6 higher level?
1.6 higher level?
CSGO = chaos, run and gun 1.6 = clean, accurate, precision
Sweden's new national anthem
That is nonsense. We've had 500k Muslim immigrants the last 5 years. The real estimate is around 1 Million.
That's always been his main problem. He's not calm and collected and making stupid decisions because of it
Luminosity vs fnatic
The first map wasn't just a 1-0, it had a huge mental blow on LG
Luminosity vs fnatic
Despite LG having all the luck in the world for a long time and on top of that a momentum going, fnatic wins.
Virtus.pro vs Astralis
The VP dream died instantly
So his "cheat" had no impact then? Still a beast